Meet our teachers!

Chris Davidson -Drums

Name: Chris Davidson

Teaches: Drums

Education: University.

Playing in bands since age of 17, over 20 years of touring.


Matt Rudge -Guitar

Name: Matthew Rudge

Teaches: Guitar

Education: Studied music 1 in HSC, recieving Band 6 result, has been playing since 15 years old.

Experience: HSC performances, Dio sounds, Entertainment at Weddings.


Ingrid Beasley - Piano, Violin and Bagpipes

Name: Ingrid Beasley

Teaches: Piano, Violin and Bagpipes!

Education: Glenaen Rudolf Steiner school (Sydney), K to year 12. Bachelor of Science - University of Sydney; Grad. Diploma in Education, Vision - University of Western Sydney; Grad. Diploma in Teaching & Learning - Charles Darwin University.

Experience: Play violin from grade 4 to 12 at school, learned piano & singing throughout highschool, pipe organ during years 10 -11. Played Bagpipes in Northern Suburbs Pipe Band for over 10 years, including Aust. Pipe Band Championships (placed 2nd in Adelaide championships, 1986).


Kumari Lamotte - Vocals

Name: Kumari Lamotte

Teaches: Vocals

Education: Kumari has completed a Bachelor of Music at Newcastle University and also recieved a band 6 in her HSC Music after coming first in her class.

Experience: Kumari taught private vocal lessons for 2 years, and has performed at various festivals, fund raisers and even performed as a Dymanite Girl in the metropolitan musical "Hairspray".

Aimee Hill - Piano

Name: Aimee Hill

Teaches: Aimee teaches Piano, Beginner guitar and Musical Knowledge

Education: Aimee has completed grade 6 AMEB piano, was classically trained at Hunter Valley School of Music and has been having piano lessons since she was 8 years old!

Experience: Aimee has been teaching for 2 years now and also studying at Uni. She did music 1 for her HSC where she played the piano, sung and composed her own piece.

Ian Mottram -Banjo, Mandolin

Name: Ian Mottram

Teaches: Banjo, Mandolin -Ian is also our guitar tech'!

Education: Aircraft Avionics Engineer, Scientific Instrument maker.

Experience: Lots! Playing for 48 years, freelance bass player, has run the Patterson open mike for the last 7 years, plays in local bands -The All Star Picket band, Back Slappers, Back Porch Therapy, Stunned Mullet Band, plus solo work.


Laura McKay (photo coming soon)

Name: Laura McKay

Teaches: Piano, Violin, Musicianship


Education: Laura has been studying music since early childhood, Laura is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of music with the University of Newcastle.


Experience: Laura has gained experience in a variety of local eisteddfords, string ensembles, orchastras and school band/choirs


Rhiannon Williams -Piano, Beginners Guitar

Name: Rhiannon Williams

Teaches: Piano, beginners guitar.

Education: Studied BMus/BTeach at Newcastle Uni, has completed classical AMEB and 7th grade theory.

Experience: 8 years teaching at HVSM, has been playing since the age of 5 (21 years).


Marjorie Butcher -Singing (Profile Coming Soon...)


Stuart Wiseman- Guitar

Name: Stuart Wiseman

Teaches: Guitar
Education: AMEB Classical Guitar, AMEB CPM Guitar, Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Science.
Experience: 30 years plus playing guitar, 10 years music teaching, Guitar Teacher at Lathams Music Kotara, Solo and ensemble performances, Songwriter (APRA), AMEB exam preparation.

Nick Filis -Guitar

Name: Nick Filis

Teaches: Guitar

Education: Nick has studied music for four years through highschool, recieving top marks in his HSC, and is currently studying a bachelor of music at Newcastle Uni.

Experience: Nick has been playing for 10 years.


Jordan Eyb -Piano

Jordan Eyb -Piano

Name: Jordan Eyb

Teaches: Piano

Education: Jordan completed her music HSC, Grade 7 pass ( Credit - B+) classical piano.

Experience: Jordan has been teaching for 5+ years with us!


Barry Vincent -Woodwind

Name: Barry Vincent

Teaches: Recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone.

Education: Barry is self taught in music theory and woodwind performance.

Experience: 1st/2nd chair oboe with Orchestra Nova (Newcastle); plays oboe, clarinet and flute with Maitland G&S Society.


Caroline Hill - Vocals


Name: Caroline Hill

Teaches: Vocals

Education: Assiociate diploma in singing. Currently undertaking BMus studies.

Experience: 15 years teaching singing; many years singing in & directing choirs, most recently joining Echology (Newcastle Uni Chamber Choir); years involvement in musical theatre in Newcastle and Maitland.