Meet our teachers!

Chris Davidson -Drums

Name: Chris Davidson

Teaches: Drums

Education: University.

Playing in bands since age of 17, over 20 years of touring.


Matt Rudge -Guitar

Name: Matthew Rudge

Teaches: Guitar

Education: Studied music 1 in HSC, recieving Band 6 result, has been playing since 15 years old.

Experience: HSC performances, Dio sounds, Entertainment at Weddings.


Ingrid Beasley - Piano, Violin and Bagpipes

Name: Ingrid Beasley

Teaches: Piano, Violin and Bagpipes!

Education: Glenaen Rudolf Steiner school (Sydney), K to year 12. Bachelor of Science - University of Sydney; Grad. Diploma in Education, Vision - University of Western Sydney; Grad. Diploma in Teaching & Learning - Charles Darwin University.

Experience: Play violin from grade 4 to 12 at school, learned piano & singing throughout highschool, pipe organ during years 10 -11. Played Bagpipes in Northern Suburbs Pipe Band for over 10 years, including Aust. Pipe Band Championships (placed 2nd in Adelaide championships, 1986).


Kumari Lamotte - Vocals

Name: Kumari Lamotte

Teaches: Vocals

Education: Kumari has completed a Bachelor of Music at Newcastle University and also recieved a band 6 in her HSC Music after coming first in her class.

Experience: Kumari taught private vocal lessons for 2 years, and has performed at various festivals, fund raisers and even performed as a Dymanite Girl in the metropolitan musical "Hairspray".

Aimee Hill - Piano

Name: Aimee Hill

Teaches: Aimee teaches Piano, Beginner guitar and Musical Knowledge

Education: Aimee has completed grade 6 AMEB piano, was classically trained at Hunter Valley School of Music and has been having piano lessons since she was 8 years old!

Experience: Aimee has been teaching for 2 years now and also studying at Uni. She did music 1 for her HSC where she played the piano, sung and composed her own piece.

Ian Mottram -Banjo, Mandolin

Name: Ian Mottram

Teaches: Banjo, Mandolin -Ian is also our guitar tech'!

Education: Aircraft Avionics Engineer, Scientific Instrument maker.

Experience: Lots! Playing for 48 years, freelance bass player, has run the Patterson open mike for the last 7 years, plays in local bands -The All Star Picket band, Back Slappers, Back Porch Therapy, Stunned Mullet Band, plus solo work.


Laura McKay (photo coming soon)

Name: Laura McKay

Teaches: Piano, Violin, Musicianship


Education: Laura has been studying music since early childhood, Laura is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of music with the University of Newcastle.


Experience: Laura has gained experience in a variety of local eisteddfords, string ensembles, orchastras and school band/choirs


Rhiannon Williams -Piano, Beginners Guitar

Name: Rhiannon Williams

Teaches: Piano, beginners guitar.

Education: Studied BMus/BTeach at Newcastle Uni, has completed classical AMEB and 7th grade theory.

Experience: 8 years teaching at HVSM, has been playing since the age of 5 (21 years).


Marjorie Butcher -Singing (Profile Coming Soon...)


Stuart Wiseman- Guitar

Name: Stuart Wiseman

Teaches: Guitar
Education: AMEB Classical Guitar, AMEB CPM Guitar, Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Science.
Experience: 30 years plus playing guitar, 10 years music teaching, Guitar Teacher at Lathams Music Kotara, Solo and ensemble performances, Songwriter (APRA), AMEB exam preparation.

Nick Filis -Guitar

Name: Nick Filis

Teaches: Guitar

Education: Nick has studied music for four years through highschool, recieving top marks in his HSC, and is currently studying a bachelor of music at Newcastle Uni.

Experience: Nick has been playing for 10 years.


Jordan Eyb -Piano

Jordan Eyb -Piano

Name: Jordan Eyb

Teaches: Piano

Education: Jordan completed her music HSC, Grade 7 pass ( Credit - B+) classical piano.

Experience: Jordan has been teaching for 5+ years with us!


Maggie Murcot - Vocal

Name: Maggie Murcott

Teaches: Maggie teaches Vocals, Beginner Violin & Piano, Basic Music Theory


Education: Maggie has completed Grade Four Trinity College Violin. Grade four AMEB voice. Currently studying a Bachelor of Music at the University of Newcastle.

Experience: Maggie has 2 years teaching experience.


Barry Vincent -Woodwind

Name: Barry Vincent

Teaches: Recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone.

Education: Barry is self taught in music theory and woodwind performance.

Experience: 1st/2nd chair oboe with Orchestra Nova (Newcastle); plays oboe, clarinet and flute with Maitland G&S Society.


Caroline Hill - Vocals


Name: Caroline Hill

Teaches: Vocals

Education: Assiociate diploma in singing. Currently undertaking BMus studies.

Experience: 15 years teaching singing; many years singing in & directing choirs, most recently joining Echology (Newcastle Uni Chamber Choir); years involvement in musical theatre in Newcastle and Maitland.

Asher Watters-Cowan- Piano/Violin (Photo Coming Soon)

Name: Asher Watters-Cowan

Teaches: Piano, Violin and Musicial Theory


Education: Year 12 graduate of HSPA, placed first in Music extension and is currently preparing for 8th Grade AMEB Piano, having received Credit in 7th Grade Piano

He is also applying for Bachor of Music at Newcastle conservatorium and also has a credit in 5th Grade Musicianship and currently preparing for 6th Grade Musicianship.

Experience: Has over two years teaching experience with both exam and piano for leisure