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Acoustic guitar pedals reviews

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Acoustic guitar pedals reviews

Hey guys how’s it going?
Today I’m looking at the Acoustic guitar pedals reviews pedal for
more audio
Alright let’s get started so first of
all here is my dry tone without the
pedal engaged
all right so first we have the piezo
mode I’ve got everything else right on
five the level at five the body at five
and the top at five as well
so it’s great for that type of lead
playing as well while still getting that
acoustic sort of tone so I cranked up
that top knob a little bit so now I’d
say we are at about 75% on the top knob

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You can tell that top knob really brings
out a lot of those higher overtones
gives you a lot of that sort of pick
attack to that you get with an acoustic
guitar sort of in the other direction
here I brought that body knob up to
about 75 percent
this is great if you want to fall back
into that sort of rhythm playing sort of
style especially if you’re on stage
maybe working with a violinist or
someone who’s taking some leads and you
want to fall into that nice warm full
background tone alright so now we’re on
to the second of the three modes there
on that switch this one is just called
the standard mode
so basically that really straightforward
standard acoustic tone something that
could be really well used in pop music
and rock music and folk music this
certainly could be used with all sorts
of genres and is definitely something
that can help you expand the tones that
you’re using on stage
all right so I brought that top knob up
to about 75% again within the piezo mode
within the standard mode and within the
jumbo mode using that top knob and that
body knob can really help you to employ
a bunch of different types of tones
and then to just show the drastic other
side of that I brought the top down to
about 25% and the body is up around 75%
all right and the last mode on this
pedal is the Jumbo mode I think I might
like this one the most to me it feels
like it has the most warmth and the
coolest response to it so I’m starting
this out again all the knobs are
currently at 50%
and I think this mode actually lends
itself the best to that lead playing
which again it sounds really cool it
sounds like it’s coming out of an
acoustic but it’s that nice comfortable
electric neck electric strings sort of
feel to it still at the same time
alright so now I’ve brought the body and
the top both up to about maybe
sixty-five percent or so these knobs
they’re not just equalizer knobs they
definitely tend to have a little bit
more control over the attack and the
actual fullness of what you’re playing
it not just an equalizer in and of
all right so whether you’re looking to
cut down on the number of guitars you’re
bringing to a gig or you just want to
add some cool acoustic tones into what
you’re playing the acoustic are acoustic
guitar simulator pedal form or audio is
a great option it’s three different
modes and various tone knobs here will
help you to craft a tone and sound
appropriate for the genre that you’re
playing and emulate some really cool
sounding acoustic guitars it’s a really
fun option great addition to any pedal
board thanks so much for watching