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Aroma ag 15a review

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Aroma ag 15a review

Hello guys tonch wheel here welcome back
to the Dawson’s YouTube channel hope
you’re all doing very well indeed today
we are checking out this this is the
aroma AG 26a and it’s a really
very classy sounding acoustic amplifier
but it also doubles as a personal
monitor and a really nice compact PA
system so this is very well built 25
watt acoustic amplifier system

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we’ve got this
lovely cabinet here with a 6.5 inch
speaker and it’s powered by a lithium
battery now that lithium battery is
fully rechargeable after a three hour
charge it’s going to give you six hours
which is amazing of full volume
performance from its two channel inputs
so we’ve got an input for acoustic
guitar which has trouble and base and a
reverb control a really nice pretty
reverb actually and then we’ve got a
second input for a microphone which is a
Jacke style rather than XLR input so
it’s kind of used for dynamic
microphones as opposed to condenser mics
but if you wanted to use a condenser mic
as long as you’ve got a box that’s gonna
do phantom power for you you could do
that as well
now that channel the mic channel has an
echo built-in as well which essentially
is like a short slap back style delay so
effectively like a secondary reverb now
although those channels are set up that
way you could actually use them any way
you wanted to so if you’re busking for
instance and you wanted to use the
battery power on this unit you could
totally plug in some kind of modeling
unit if you were using an electric
guitar something like an axe FX or some
kind of line 6 HX stomp for instance
would make a really portable setup and
because it’s a full-range speaker in
there with tons of bottom and really
nice crisp ironed and are really nice
mid-range as well everything is really
well represented so you can get great
vocals great acoustic guitar great
keyboards you could get great modeled
electric guitar sounds in there as well
just by plugging into the various input
so it’s a really really good system now
to top all of that off there is also
Bluetooth functionality built in so the
little switch on the top push that down
it goes into Bluetooth mode and then you
just pay your phone or your iPad or
whatever you’re using your laptop for
instance then you can play your backing
tracks through this as well so you’ve
got the ultimate there
small busking system all for smaller
gigs as well there is actually a
leatherette handle included with this as
well which you can see on screen now on
the b-roll and there is also a small PA
stand hole mount on there if you wanted
to actually mount it onto a pole you
could even run them into stereo if you
wanted to and use them as your PA system
for smaller gigs or just for general
listening to music or for utilizing as a
personal monitoring system so it’s a
really good setup and very well built
actually and extremely affordable and
lightweight as well now there is also
the AG 15a over here which is the 15
watt version even smaller even more
portable even lighter obviously that one
has almost all of the same functionality
you still get the Bluetooth you still
got two channels but as I say it’s
smaller and it’s got USB power as
opposed to coming with an AC adapter so
obviously this one comes with an AC
adapter a little bit more flexible power
wise because you can power it
permanently from the AC adapter however
this one with the USB it’s a USB micro
connection the kind of one you would use
to charge your phone that will also
allow you to power the device as well so
you can charge and power from any USB
style plug that you’ve got say the one
that used for your phoning or iPad for
instance but it is used to be type of a
rather than C so that’s important to
but both units come with their relevant
power supplies as well and with the
handles really really good setups so
just to really quickly show you it’s
very difficult to give you an idea of
how this sounds in the room because
whenever we do stuff with full range
microphones don’t capture full range
particularly well they always color the
sound they have some kind of frequency
Roloffs so this way we’ve got this set
up here does not sound as good as how
this unit sounds in the room trust me
guys this thing really for the money
sounds incredible it’s really great
sound full range tons of bottom and
really crisp ions as I say lots of
detail but this is about the best we can
do you’ll hear a little bit of lapel mic
in there as well just for kind of
reference so we’ll start by just messing
with the EQ controls and I’m just plug
direct in with the acoustic just
directing gives us this sound

now if we roll the bass all the way up

and then if we play with the trouble
controls now I it’s quite a bright
sounding speaker because it’s smaller so
I like to roll a treble down a little
bit this is all the way down
and the eqq controls are set pretty flat
on my guitar

now if we add in some brightness about

nice ringy detail on that

and then show you the reverb so we’ve
not got that much dialed in at the
moment if we dial it all the way up it’s
a really pretty reverb

now again the unit sounds so much better
than this mic is picking up in the room
because you’ve got the full frequency
spectrum going on you know you get some
impression here but I definitely
recommend that you go and check one of
these out for yourself in a Dorson store
if you possibly can do because they
sound absolutely great and for the money
they are really staggering value as well
it’s not going to say a great deal of
money you know set you back a great deal
of money considering the build quality
which is superb and also the level of
features and the level of sound that’s
on offer it’s a really great unit
perfect for anybody looking for a
portable setup but you can use to do
gigs or to do busking or just for kind
of generally listening to music through
because it sounds good for that as well
I’ve got my phone hooked up and you
heard at the beginning me jamming to a
backing track so although it’s mono it’s
absolutely great for listening to music
as well or you could hook a pair up and
listen in stereo if you wanted to using
the inputs on there as well there is
also a line out on there as well if
you’re doing any recording or you just
want to run to a bigger PA system as a
backup and just use this as a personal
monitor on stage so a really great
system that’s the aroma AG 26a and the
AG 15 as well it sounds almost identical
it’s just a lot smaller there’s a little
bit less bottom end in there as well
again definitely recommend you try these
bad boys out for yourself I think
they’re absolutely fantastic so as I
hope you enjoyed this quick overview
guys if you did make sure you click the
like and subscribe buttons below and hit
that Bell notification icon to ensure
you never miss any more of our demos in
the future ever again all right guys
let’s make your thoughts in the comment
section below my name’s Tom Quayle and
I’ll see you all in the next video