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Augustine guitar strings reviews

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Augustine guitar strings reviews

Today we met at battle studio to try out all
the different flavors of Augustin treble
strings as classical guitarists we know
it can be really difficult to find the
type of strings for your instrument that
is just right
and can also emphasize the quality of
your instrument as well as your playing
we always seem to be chasing that
perfect sound and with this video we
really hope we can help you choose the
perfect set of Augustin strings for you
and your guitar

we’ll be trying out four different
travel string models classic imperial
regal and parable classic sets are the
original Augustine strings the ones
Segovia played Imperial and regal sets
have all the familiar luxurious
attributes but with modern enhancements
that allow the player to put their
performance to new heights the newest
set Paragon has the benefits of carbon
strings such as high volume and good
projection but also has this unique
organic warmth of the sound that we were
only used to getting with nylon strings
before okay so let’s get to it
the guitar we’ll be using today is a
handmade classical screws double top
guitar by the German luthier dieter
Muller built in 2018 we’ll be trying out
for different kinds of Augustin treble
strings all of them on the same pieces
so you can hear even the slightest
nuances of the sound and response all of
the samples will feature the same
augustine blue high tension bases that
have the highest percentage of silver
content in their class for excellent
projection but augustine actually
produces three other types of bases that
you can pair with any of the treble sets
you’ll hear today.

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So let’s maybe start with the classic
set it was actually the first time that
we play this set we’ve never tried them
before and I’m curious to also know what
you thought about it the classic set was
actually the big surprise of the day for
me they have this sort of a velvety
darker tone that reminds me of the old
masters of older recordings and the
sound I found very charming vibrato is
very easy to make and it sounds actually
very good so for me for studio use I
would say this was a big surprise and I
would happily use it again and again
whenever I record something classical
maybe romantic in a few words charming
velvety and a little bit less high-end
frequencies as the other models yeah and
also from the player’s perspective I
felt it was very easy to play it’s very
easy on the fingers oh yeah very very
comfortable and yes we were said for you
know studio purposes it works very very
well like I don’t know why we haven’t
tried it on before all right okay let’s
go to the next set Imperial what did you
think I would have to say Imperial was
my favorite one yeah because it kind of
has it has really good projection also
very powerful and everything but it
mostly it just suits my guitar best my
guitar is a double top guitar so it’s
very powerful on its own very voluminous
I feel that I don’t need that special
extra kick that maybe regal and Paragon
provide which might be perfect for some
other guitars but I think on this guitar
Imperial sounds optimal I would say I
would definitely use it in studio and
even in concerts if the acoustic is nice
and the hall is not too big definitely
Imperial Imperial I would say something
between regal and classic it still has
the kind of sweetness nice sound from
classic but it also has more power than
the classic set so the next set is regal
blue yeah do you think this sad I’ve
been actually using for a couple of
months now so I’ve been using it in
concerts and all sorts of in recording
and also with you yeah in all sorts of
different situations and I’m very happy
with them but actually trying them
side-by-side with Imperial right now I
think I will be using imperial because
they are a bit softer a bit easier on my
fingers somehow and my guitar is still
powerful enough as it is to kind of not
leave that super extra kick that maybe
regal gives I would however if I were to
play in a really big hole where the
acoustic is pretty bad and I would need
that extra kind of kick I would go for
regal again I’m quite used to them and
yeah for such occasions or even playing
chamber music with other instruments
that are louder than guitar where you
really need this extra extra kick which
leaves us with the newest set that we
also tried for the first time today
Aragon yeah exactly what do you think I
loved it actually for lively use I think
it’s amazing because it has a good
projection and the big pro in general of
carbon strings is that you get an
amazing balance between the bassist and
the travels so the bases are never
overwhelmingly allowed yeah the trebles
yeah so this is the big pro another one
is that if you are playing in
and environment with slightly worse
acoustic or a big hole you need a
projection that punches through to the
last row
yeah yeah and then those occasions I
would happily use and I was so surprised
that the first string was not overly
bright because sometimes with caramel
strings you get a really thin sound
yeah the first string but in this case
it was not not like this and I’m really
happy about this
but overall for studio use I always
prefer nylon because it gives me more
control more colors and better vibrant
yeah but a set for big holes or for
chamber music with you know louder
instruments yeah yeah that’s that’s a
good option to have basically we really
hope you enjoyed this video and we’re
positive you can now choose your perfect
set of Augustin strings so which one did
you like most let us know in the comment
section below also don’t forget to Like
share and subscribe if you’d like to see
more videos like this in the future