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Baggs anthem review

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Baggs anthem review

Today I wanted to make a video on the LR
bags anthem review that came this
Martin d-35 II that I mean there’s the
passivity box I literally just got this
yesterday so I’m just kind of poking
around with us this morning
now we zoom up here take a look now over
here in the black he’ll see a little
hole there that’s where you adjust the
actual mic volume itself no the next
this but here we push that that lights
these up and that’s a battery indicator

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The first map that you see here that’s
the actual volume all the way towards
the neck that is just balls out and then
as you dial in hard towards the bridge
down scales it down now that button in
the middle there and by button that is a
phase button and then the last night
is a mix between the true mic and the
pickup system now when it’s all the way
towards the neck that is pretty much 98%
mic and then as you roll a back it mixes
in the pickup so let’s take a look here
see what we got going on all right now
before we get to start with a couple
chords here just so you can see the
signal path of what I got going on I am
plugging into the guitar
there’s the spaghetti mess of a monster
guitar cable which is going right into a
Universal Audio arrow that’s the
interface that I’m using right into the
MacBook Pro and using Apple Logic Pro X
all right so there you have it the LR
bags anthem now when I first started off
just to recap I had it all the way
towards the neck which was just the mic
and then slowly progressed towards the
bridge which introduced the pickup and
then ended the video going you know hard
on the mic and then hard on the pickup
just so you could get a drastic
comparison between the two I hope that
helps you make a decision on what works
best for you what it sounds like
thanks for watching and as always man if
you dig it please subscribe