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Banjolele reviews

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Banjolele reviews

This is a review of the aqua banjo you
and you see I’ve got a huge grin on my
face and the reason is I really didn’t
even want to review a banjo uke ever
whether it was anybody’s because I
always thought you know I’m a banjo
player and that’s what I really love and
I’m thinking this is blasphemy to have a
banjo uke and I’ve changed my mind
I actually really really really like
this instrument and so we’re going to
talk about it and it actually does sound
like a like a banjo so it’s but it’s set
up exactly like a ukulele same tuning
same strings with the nylon strings so
we’re gonna go through this instrument
as we’ve done with all the others you
can you’ve heard what it sounds like but
I’m gonna I’m going to show you even a
little bit more on that what you have
here is a maple rim and you’ve got the
the maple neck which is c-shape very
smooth and with all their instruments
very low-profile very low action which
you can see that.

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I believe the frets if
you run your fingers down the sides the
frets do not catch they actually shape
them manicure them down so that they
come at an angle so they don’t catch you
if you’re not familiar with a banjo this
this is called a tension ring
these are tension hooks and you tighten
this there’s a it comes with a wrench
that you can tighten this when you need
to tighten it it’s not something that
needs done all the time the bridge now
when you get these the bridge is laid
down and it’s not even prayed here I
believe it was a up here when I got this
you have to know how and where to put
this bridge and usually what you do and
this does work as you measure from the
nut to the 12th fret and then from the
12th fret to where the bridge goes
however here’s what a heck lot doesn’t I
think this is really such a cool idea
they give you this it’s very hard to see
there you go good some reflection there
and you can see how this end down here
is wider that seems narrower and at the
top of this it actually says nut and
down here it says bridge and what you do
to find where your bridge goes is you
slide this under the strings and that
fits right in place this lets you level
it shows you exactly where to be with
that piece of plastic so it’s kind of
hard to later you can see a little bit
and then what some people do you can eat
there save this which is what I would do
just because it’s easier what some
people do is after the bridge is in
place they take a little pencil and they
mark either on underneath the bridge or
on top of the bridge so that you know
exactly where that means to go so you
look at the back it’s got the tuners
which is kind of standard hack lot very
nice so the front kind of give you the
you again the maple neck very smooth
everything’s very nice I really this is
so much fun to play but here’s what else
you can do with this you know a banjo
song would be creek so you can
actually play instead of just ukulele
songs you can play banjo songs on this
I’ve done several just just messing with
it and playing with it this is
definitely gonna be on my recommended
products page I think this is such a fun
little instrument and you know I’m
supposed to be giving you a review of
the instrument itself not just how much
fun it is to play it is a it’s a nice
good solid quality instrument and I
highly highly recommend this again for
those who don’t understand everything I
throw this in this is a truss rod that
helps you adjust the neck most of this
stuff does not need done you know it
comes set up perfectly for you it does
come also with a strap it comes with a
tuner it comes with several different
things which will be on this on there on
the site as I’ll put a link to that and
it tells you what it does come with but
it does have the lorentz that you would
tighten these when they are needed and
then also these just have holes you put
it in there and turn them and that all
comes that’s all explained so this is
the a club banjo you so much fun to play
and as I said excellent quality it stays
in tune sounds nice and it’s changed my
mind about banjo ukz so there you go a
clock banjo ukulele