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Beefy slinky review

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Beefy slinky review

Today on riffs beards and gear we check
out the brand new mammoth slinkys from
ernie ball it isn’t often where you look
at a pack of strings in the store and
can think yeah I have a hand in that but
that is the case with the new 22:14
ernie ball mammoth slinky set now here’s
the story behind this set about six
months ago Chris from the engineering
department at Ernie Ball hi Chris if
you’re watching Chris was working on a
new set of strings for a specific
targeted player and basically they
wanted kind of an outside opinion on it
because they noticed a lot of their
artists were not playing standard packs
they were ordering singles and making up
their own custom sets and they kind of
wanted to kind of target those players
and I was in that group and so they
asked me for some input on designing a
new pack of strings that were a for a
twenty five and a half inch scale
ideally not a baritone guitar and that
could be achieve a tuning approximately
in the drop B range and the more
flexibility the better I was really
excited by this

  • Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings, 11-54 Gauge

so my old band wrestler pose played in
and as mentioned before I had a custom
set of a bunch of singles so I have to
take a big pile of strings with me on
tour because there was no standard pack
that has changed with the mammoth
slinkys now the mammoth slinkys are a 12
16 24 34 48 and 62 set with a wound 24
on that g-string which is pretty
critical and awesome with this sets
that’s kind of sets it apart from the
other sets in the Ernie Ball family now
why twelve – 60 – well my reasoning for
the 12 through 62 because we kind of
wrestled with a 62 gauge a 64 gauge we
weren’t where I mean we actually at one
point where we’re talking about like a
68 or something like that my reasoning
for the 12 through 62 is with this set
on a twenty five and a half inch scale
guitar you can comfortably do drop B but
you could also do drop a sharp or if you
like a lot of tension you could do drop
C on a shorter scale like a Les Paul you
could easily do drop C and maybe do drop
B but on the Paul Reed Smith kind of
guitars with the 25 inch scale you could
get all of those and probably a little
bit more but with the 62 I felt that
that was a a good compromise between
blowing super mega heavy and being light
enough to get several different tunings
out of the one set

now I will also note that on my baritone
axis which is a twenty seven twenty
seven and a half inch scale I am able to
take the mammoth slinky set and
comfortably do a drop a tuning so the
versatility on this set is really
maximized and the 124 is actually very
comfortable if you’re used to heavy
gauges anyway the 24 wound is a great
call from Ernie Ball and this set is one
of my favorite sets I have ever used
size-wise because it is just a very
comfortable natural feeling set with a
big old 62 on the bottom and it can
handle anything you want to throw at it
all day long just thought I would give
you guys a little a little story behind
the brand new mammoth slinky set these
are rolling out right now so I don’t
think they’re going to be in places like
Guitar Center for another couple of
weeks but the smaller dealers should
have them beginning this week and I’m
excited about it because I never thought
you know in a 14 year old is jumping for
joy that I helped design a pack of Ernie
Ball strings and my name is also still
on the back pretty cool I’ll pick up a
links down below in the description
you’ve been wonderful
ivenn fluff thank you so much for
watching I’ll see you next time