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Blx288 pg58 review

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Blx288 pg58 review

Hey guys spring style performance calm
and today you’re drinking out short
BLX 88 system so the basic system looks
like this comes with your 2 channel
system so that you can actually plug 2
mics into the back it’s got a power
capable inserter and then it also has
instruments out in case you want to
connect wireless instruments the system
also comes with the Shore PD 58 wireless
microphone which is supposed to emulate
and sm58 by short you can unscrew at the
bottom I see that you can actually
insert two double-a batteries and that
you can change the channel frequency
which we’ll show you in a second now the
system sets up really easily in fact all
you need is a speaker or a mixer
equipped with an XLR insert and insert
it into the back of the XLR so it works
like this so the cool thing about this
system is that it’s really easy to use
observe always to do plug the power in
on the back right here in the middle
will see it turn on you’ve got two
channels of wireless usage so you can
use the PG 58 and channel 1 and set to a
1 and you can use the lavalier in
channel 2 which is set to channel 9 just
for this video note no purpose for that
again you can use two wireless devices
so if you wanted to buy another PG 58

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You could do that if you wanted to use
two lav mics whatever you wanted to do
you get two channels okay so it’s
plugged in all we have to do is plug an
XLR into the back right here in channel
1 we’ve connected it into this speaker
we just need to turn the speaker on turn
the mic on do that by holding it for
about one second till you see a light up
green and then we just need to adjust
the volume to taste
check check check and you can hear it
coming through right there so it’s
really easy plug and play to buy
don’t have to make any changes
whatsoever now let’s troubleshoot this
real quick if you bought the system and
you need help with it at at home a lot
of the times
any system drop out for a week because
of mismatched channels what do I mean by
we’ll see this channel is set to a-1
right here that means our first wireless
channel is a1 if you’ll open this mic up
you’ll see that this is also set to 1
this number has to match that number for
the wireless system to work for example
it’s on a1 right now and you’ve got
sound but if it accidentally gets
switched to let’s say a 2 it’s not gonna
work so make sure that the number here
matches the number in both your wireless
mic and your pack this is also a really
cool part of the system let’s say you
get to a spot in the mountains or in a
dark dingy Dungy basement archer’s BLX
88 actually has an auto scan frequency
that you can press and use to find the
best channel so right now this is
searching for the best open channels
near me it finds this one in AAA and
then you’re good
finally one of the most in my opinions
valuable parts of the BLX 288 especially
for the price is again you get two
channels of wireless so just from this
one box you’re getting where I left 10
to 1 and channel 2
so again Shores BLX 288 really good
value for the money it performs
extremely well for example whether I’m
this close right here or this far away
or this far away even this far away or
even this