Music Specialists Maitland was established in Maitland in 2005 and has been proudly serving the local community for the past 15 years.

Music Specialists Maitland’s mission is simple. Supporting community through music.

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Promark Drumsticks

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  • Sale ProMark Hickory 5A Nylon Tip drumstick
  • Sale ProMark H-Rods Hot Rods
  • Sale ProMark Hickory 7A Wood Tip drumstick
  • Sale ProMark Hickory 7A Nylon Tip drumstick
  • Sale ProMark Hickory 5B Wood Tip drumstick
  • Sale ProMark Hickory 5B Nylon Tip drumstick
  • Sale ProMark Hickory 5A Wood Tip drumstick

Every ProMark Drumstick has been perfected with ProMatch—our multi-phase weight and pitch sorting process. This ensures unrivaled consistency not only from stick to stick, but also from pair to pair.


Kiln-dried wooden dowels are sorted, separated, and batched together based on weight.


Using precise methods, raw dowels are cut, shaped, lacquered, and treated, yielding fully-formed sticks.


ProMark Drumstick Finished sticks are matched by weight, adhering to the strictest possible tolerances.


All ProMark Drumsticks are matched to the tightest pitch tolerances within any pair.

More than simply innovation and world-class consistency, ProMark is about exploration, experimentation, and pushing the boundaries of what a drumstick—and a drummer—can be.