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Carlsbro csd130 electronic drum kit review

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Carlsbro csd130 electronic drum kit review

I’m here today to talk to you a little bit
about the new Carlsbro csd130 electronic drum kit review
it’s a great drum set compact
portable with a lot of different
features I’m going to take you through
some of those features now comes with 20
preset kits it’s about 250 percussion
and drums sounds in it it has 10 user
kits where you could decide where to put
a cowbell at a time or symbol on a snare
drum it has a line input so you could
listen to an mp3 player your iPad and
listen to music while you play along it
has stereo out or mono out to go out to
a PA system or an amplifier
it also has USB capability it has MIDI
in and out and there’s a few other
features that we’ll get into in just a
moment so right off the bat you’ll
notice this has a couple of features
that you don’t find in the less
expensive electronic drum sets the bass
drum pedal is basically a tower


I like
this because it’s really sturdy and
you’ll notice the angled beater which
goes right into the pad itself really
stable really sturdy you don’t have to
worry about the bass drum the pedal
itself which on some other kits are just
a trigger pedal this one is not going to
fly around
it has a Spurs on it and on the other
side you have the hi-hat controller
which is also as you can see a separate
pedal unto itself as well made really
well it’s metal and it doesn’t move you
have the hi-hat controller and the
hi-hat stand you have a crash cymbal and
a ride cymbal both of which have a
choking feature you have three Tom’s and
you’ll have a snare drum of course would
you’ll find has a dual trigger as well
okay so as you can see on this close-up
here of the brain features are laid out
and pretty easy to read
you have the drum kits that you want so
any drum kit you want to go through you
just press that hit the data up or down
it’s going to take you through the
different kits song these are the
different songs there’s songs in here
that you 20 different songs you can play
along with their demo songs with drums
or without so if I hit start here so
that’s with the drums and then you’ll
notice I’ll start it again I could take
drums out then if we want to we could
you could also change voice of each pad
in each kit so if I want to hit the
paste drum hit the voice and change the
sound very simply Tom hit that and and
it’s as simple as that
you also have volume for the kit overall
and where you have the tempo
okay so on the back of the unit you’ll
find several things and we talked about
before you have USB so you can control
that and you have MIDI in and out as
well for controlling other units the
sound sources or controlling this one
you’re going to find your auxiliary in
for your mp3 or any other line input you
have left and right in an output sorry I
left the right output or mono audio and
then there’s the stereo phone jack and
of course the adapter one of my favorite
features of this again because of its
portability ease of use is the harness
all the pads on the kit all them plug in
with just this one harness with this one
cable here it was writing like that and
that’s it and everything else it’s just
one shot just tie it in like this and
you’re done and another really great
feature about this kit is the rack it
has a lot to do with the not only is
it’s sturdy
everything’s attached to it it’s
rock-solid when you play it but because
everything is attached to it it’s easy
to move so once you’re set up you know
you got to move the guitar player over
or if you just want to move it out of
the way if you set up in your room you
literally can pick the whole thing up
and just move I mean it’s it’s this
light you know it’s this easy and if you
do take it on a gig or if you really
want to put it away and maybe in a
closet you have a company over something
it falls up altogether pretty simply I
went ahead and loosened it ahead of time
but everything just literally folds
together like this and and boom you’re
on your way or you just put it in the
corner like that so go ahead check it
out it’s a mash