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Casino stage series electric guitar review

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Casino stage series electric guitar review

I’ve been playing guitar. I’ve always
wanted a Casino stage series electric guitar
and the killer tone but here on my
channel you know that you don’t need to
spend a fortune to have a great playing
pro grade instrument and that’s where
the epiphone casino comes in to these
new chinese-made epiphone casino guitars
live up to the hype or are there better
ways you can spend your hard-earned gear
dollars stick around and find out let’s
start with how the epiphone casino
sounds clean through my Fender blues
junior amplifier

The epiphone casino features a mahogany
neck a fully hollow maple ply body and
two alnico p90 pickups which are really
high output 11.5 K for the neck and 12.3
K for the bridge
that’s crazy hot for what’s supposed to
be a vintage p90 right now I like them
but I doubt they’re going to be in there
forever this guitar is incredibly
lightweight and plays fabulously it’s
got super low action and no fret buzz
anywhere there’s one thing I’m noticing
however with just 2 months of play I’m
already seeing some significant wear on
the tops of the frets granted I usually
play for a couple hours every day but
I’ve noticed this on other recent
Chinese made instruments as well and I’m
beginning to wonder if one of the
cost-saving areas these factories are
employing is cheaper softer fret wire as
for fit and finish the guitar is
flawless Epiphone has always been known
for their great semi and full hollow
body axes and they really haven’t
disappointed me here this would be a
stellar guitar for beginners or pros
overall this guitar is for sure going to
be a keeper it’s just too much fun and
I’m already looking forward to swapping
these p90s for something a little more
classic which means another gear demo
coming to my channel really soon please
like and share this video if you feel so
inclined and as always please subscribe
to my channel if you found this video
useful thanks everybody