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D addario light top heavy bottom review

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D addario light top heavy bottom review

Today I wanted to talk about
something that I’ve been doing because
I’ve been kind of doing a group of
videos I’ve kind of woven together and
for originally for demoing the Audion
preempt differences I wrote a kind of a
heavy riff off set of riffs and I was
originally playing in drop key on my
trusty heavily modified strat and it
wasn’t feeling right so I down tuned the
whole thing to drop see now that
presents a little bit of a problem and
because now I’m dealing with loose
floppy strings what I usually use is da
Dario’s xl’s which means littler demo
and Adam from da Dario has sent me some
of the new and Y excels to play with to
try as a more detailed review than when
we did the 7 string shootout now and I
asked the guys at da Dario to give me
some strings that were heavier on the
bottom and now we’re going to talk about
why so the set that I’m currently
playing with is 10 246 which I call
regular or tens but they if you don’t
tune from
all the way down first start I’ve got
this little snarky tuner on here because
I haven’t to retune every couple of
seconds but if if you play a card very
lightly sounds quite good

  • Sale D'Addario EXL140 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings, Light TopHeavy Bottom, 10-52

I’m playing through a thermionic jcm800
through a to bump through Mozilla Fatboy
cab so it sounds like a monster problem
is as soon as I start digging in
everything sounds out of tune because it
is out of tube because what I’m doing is
I’m digging in with my picking hand and
I’m not even picking very hard and I’m
going out of tune so if I retune again
see and then just keep digging in then
you get a floppy string so what we need
is a set of thicker strings thing there
is I like the way that the top strings
feel when they slightly looser like this
because they feel like nines would in
standard tuning and you get there kind
of so I had a choice so I asked him for
these I have two sets one which is 10 to
52 so thicker on the bottom which I was
going to use for drop D tuning and I’ve
decided to down step the entire guitar
so I’m going 11 256 may actually says on
the pack optimized for D tuning which is
what I’m doing I’m not tuning in d well
actually drop C is tuning in D but with
the bottom stringer another tone down so
that would be C to C a big ad so

so let’s restring this bad boy and get
the my excels on and hear the difference

okay so having restrung with the NY
excels do sound like this
I’m chunkier because subconsciously I’m
not afraid to give it a little more
it’s going to be a couple of seconds
while I’m keeping the tuning because
I’ve just put brand new strings under
stretch them but this is same guitar
same amp same setting same everything
and it’s gone from weedy to beefy and
all we’ve done is up the strings by a
gauge changing to NY excels and made
sure that they’re the heavy bottom set
now the top-end

it’s a little less loose but it’s not
stiff and I thought these would feel
chunky I thought these might start
cutting up my fingers but they don’t

so there we go so here’s a straight-up
comparison of the track recorded with
the ten to forty six X cells than the
eleven 256 and why excels and the
difference is really quite surprising

hope you enjoyed the video thanks for
watching I’m Adam Steele for the hot
pole studios and stick around for some
more videos check out our patreon
because that’s how we make more videos
like this and subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t already and I’ll see you
in the next video