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Drum microphone kit reviews

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Drum microphone kit reviews

What is up guys? I hope you’re having a
good day today. Today we’re going to be
looking at the Drum microphone kit reviews by
Shaw the PG a drum kit six piece
microphone kit is the perfect
introduction for all you guys who want
to record their drums they come in at a
cheaper price than the regular Shore
microphones but these do not scrimp on
any quality at all in the drum kit mic

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You get a PG a 52 which is a cardio
mic ideal for kick drums to PG a 56 is
again cardio mics perfect for the snare
and Tom a PG a 57 designed to amplify
acoustics for the snare and to PGA
eighty ones which are condensers ideal
for the yo-yo heads for your cymbals
also included in this kit you get three
microphone Clips two drum mounts and six
XLR cables which are roughly 15 feet
long each and let’s not forget the nice
carry case you get with it too okay
enough talk let’s see what the quality’s
like I’m going to mic up the kit using
everything that’s included with the
microphone kit
so there you have it after hearing back
a few times the quality is really good
and lay down the line if you want to
invest in the sm57 you can just add it
to the arsenal of this little kit so
thank you very much for watching if
you’ve got any questions please leave a
comment below and there see in the next