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Electronic drum amplifier reviews

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Electronic drum amplifier reviews

Electronic drum amplifier reviews

Hey welcome back to 65 drums my name is
Justin. Today I want to make a video on
electronic drum amplifier reviews those
are available on
the market and also just different ways
to hear your electronic drums in general.
I’m gonna touch briefly on in ears and
also headphone options that a lot of
electronic drummers seem to like
including me one last thing I should
probably mention is that I don’t claim
to be a speaker expert or an audiophile.
I’ve just been a guy that’s played most
of the drum amps available on the market
and a lot of different kinds of
headphones in in ears with electronic
drums and I preferences stuff that I
think really works well with electronic
drums and some stuff that just I would
not recommend to anybody on earth
everybody’s ears are different so by all
means make your way to your nearest
Guitar Center and
try out the different drumming ups.

talking about the video and if therefore
you go and buy them and if you don’t
like them then don’t buy them alright so
let’s get started now when it comes to
drum amps there are quite a few options
available so I’m gonna break it down
into three imaginary levels of drum
alright so level one drum amps in my
mind are the ones that cost around $170
like the simmons da 25 and then end up
around like 280 something like that
there’s a lot of drum amps in this
category the vast majority of them
honestly and most of them aren’t very
good I’ve never really walked away from
playing a $200 drum amp and thinking to
myself that was a really nice speaker
almost never happens they can get very
loud definitely and they’re great if
you’re on a budget but if you really
want something that sounds very very
nice and can show off the true potential
of your drum set these $200 drum amps to
be honest just aren’t worth looking into
if you can save up a hundred bucks and
go buy the $300 drum amps because at
least in my opinion there’s a big jump
in sound quality between a $200 drum amp
and a $300 drum and the second level of
drum amps are the ones that cost about
$300 and maybe cap out at 4 to 500
dollars this is where the vast majority
of very good drum amps lie the 300
dollar drum amps just give you a very
good price performance ratio in my
opinion and they sound pretty good
without breaking the bank
now level 3 drum amplification is gonna
be like having a small PA system set up
now this unfortunately is gonna cost you
somewhere around a thousand bucks and
most people don’t need to go this far
but having 2 PA speakers on poles right
left side of your drum set and also
having a very nice very
our subwoofer next year kick drum that
will give you a great experience I’ve
done it myself I have a small PA system
over here and it sounds awesome it can
make your drumset sound thunderous now
to be sure there are some drum amps like
the one from Yamaha that try to emulate
this at a lower price but those drum
amps they usually don’t have a lot of
power behind them and as you start
turning them up the speakers start to
distort really really quickly if you
have all the money in the world go by PA
speaker set up and have a three-piece
set up with a mixer and all that stuff
but if you want the best bang for your
buck the $300 drum amps are really where
it’s at in my opinion okay so that’s how
I see the world of drum amplification
now let’s talk about my top three or
four favorite drum amps available on the
market now for me personally my favorite
drum amps are the simmons da 2012 B
we’ve got the rollin p.m. 100 and then
finally we have the alesis strike amp 12
all these speakers are relatively new
the newer generation of Roland amps
while I don’t think the build quality is
as good as the old generation they sound
significantly better and the alesis
strike amps sounds very very good I
played it with an ELISA strike pro se I
think they were using two of them in
that setup it was very basic very loud
has a nice smooth sound to it and then
finally I really like the Simmons da
2012 B’s Simmons sent two of them to me
for review and they let me keep them so
full disclosure about that but I’ve
really been liking them and of the three
like competitors right there and at
three hundred dollar price range the
Simmons one is my personal favorite at
the moment because number one it sounds
great number two you can mount it on a
pole it’s basically a PA speaker and
then number three there’s a lot of
connectivity on the back of it
it even has bluetooth so you can plug in
all kinds of stuff and also stream audio
from your phone straight to the speaker
in case you don’t have a module that’s
capable of Bluetooth audio and because
of that I think it’s a very well-rounded
speaker that costs a little bit less
than alesis but also has better
connectivity on the back of it so it’s
my favorite drum amp for around three
hundred dollars at the moment okay so
now I should probably address the
elephant in the room
two of the speakers that have been
talking a lot about saying I’ve liked
the way they sounded the Simmons da 2012
bee and the alesis strike amp 12 those
are basically rebranded PA speakers I
can’t remember the names of the brands
that are based off of but they’re
basically just PA speakers
have been given a drum moniker and the
reason for that is that PA speakers can
handle all the frequencies that drums
throughout them beautifully in fact
another speaker that a lot of electronic
drummers swear by is the Mackay thumb 15
again in that magical 300 dollar price
range a lot of people really like the
way Mackay thump speakers sound with
electronic drums so I’ll be linking to
that one along with the other options
down in the description below and you
can do your own research from here pa
speakers just can handle all the
frequencies an electronic drum throws at
them which is why you don’t want to use
a guitar amp with electronic drums
they’re not built for handling all the
frequencies that drums produce also bass
amps aren’t really the best choice for
using with electronic drums I should
probably also mention that it doesn’t
matter how good your speaker is if you
don’t EQ it properly there are plenty of
people out there that are using a
keyboard amp which works fine or a floor
wedge which can also work fine as well
or a drum amp and they think it sounds
terrible and it does but it’s not
because the speaker itself is
necessarily trash it’s because you’re
using strange compression and EQ
settings inside of your module this is
we’re watching a couple of tutorials
online or reading up on the manual that
can really help make your speaker sound
good just make sure that you’re pushing
your current gear to its full potential
before dropping yet another $500 on
another piece of gear that you still
don’t know how to use properly so those
are basically my thoughts about my
favorite drum amps I’m actually gonna
put a pole up here on screen I want to
see you guys think vote on your favorite
manufacturer of drum amps up there on
the screen alright so now let’s talk
about different headphones and in-ears
available on the market as well because
electronic drums while it’s great to be
able to hook them up to a speaker
another great use for electronic drums
is practicing silently so honestly for
me most of the time I’m playing my
electronic drum set I’m playing with
headphones now I am NOT an audiophile
I’m not an expert on headphones but I
have used a bunch of different brands
with my electronic drum sets that I’ve
owned in the past and I’ve also tried
out a bunch of different in ear brands
with electronic drums and here’s my main
takeaways you can use whatever
headphones or earbuds you have lying
around the house but the problem is
they’ll probably make your drumset sound
like trash why would you spend $2,000 on
electronic drum set and then use random
earbuds you have lying around you won’t
even know what your electron
drum really sounds like until you buy
some studio-grade headphones or in ears
made for musicians so when it comes to
this sort of thing thankfully they’re
not overly expensive you can buy a
really nice pair of like studio-grade
headphones for 100 bucks you can buy
some decent in ears for only 50 to 100
dollars it really isn’t as expensive as
you might guess on the surface my two
favourite brands at the moment are
Sennheiser and Audio Technica I
personally use the Sennheiser HD 280
pros I really like those because they’re
comfortable they’re not expensive and
they reject a lot of outside noise they
have like passive sound isolation they
go all the way around your ear they grip
your head pretty tightly but not
uncomfortably and it’s sort of you know
blocks the outside sound of you hitting
the different rubber pads and the
different mesh pads overall I really
really like these I bought them multiple
times and they’re pretty durable as well
I like them quite a bit they also have a
fairly neutral sound that can pump a lot
of bass as well and then finally I
should probably mention Audio Technica
because a lot of people swear by the a
THM 50s those are very very popular
headphones that a lot of people love
they’re a little bit more expensive but
yeah I got a mention that was cuz so
many electronic drummers use those now
when it comes to in ears it’s a little
bit more difficult to know what’s
available in the market because it’s not
like headphones within ears because
you’re literally shoving them in your
ears you kind of have to buy them to
know whether or not you like them which
kind of sucks so I’ve owned three
different pairs I’ve owned Westone which
is a very very respected brand I’ve also
tried em EE audio the company sent some
of those for review and I actually got a
custom mold of my ears for those and
then finally I’ve tried KZ so that’s
three different price ranges
I think the west tones I spent somewhere
around three hundred dollars on those
and then the ME audios I think they
would cost somewhere around two to 150
something like that and then finally KZ
I think I spent $50 on those in my
opinion if you have a lot of money to
spend Westone is the best because of the
build quality and they’re just used by a
lot of professionals but their stuff is
very expensive $300 is like the minimum
you can spend on their stuff something
like that they go to $1,000 plus if you
buy the really nice ones and meanwhile
if you’re on a budget like most of us
out here I really recommend KZ the build
quality is not up to par with the really
professional stuff but the sound
very very good so for example I’ve
played live with Mei Audio and also KZ
and I found that it couldn’t hear as
well with Mei audio because the mids
just weren’t very prominent and because
of that I lost a lot of what the other
musicians I was playing with we’re doing
I couldn’t hear them quite as well I had
a very pleasing sound in my ears because
I don’t like harsh mids but I couldn’t
hear everything very clearly and because
of that I don’t think it made me play as
well as I did when I was using kz kz is
great because i could buy 10 driver in
ears so 5 per side for 50 bucks and now
the in ears that i bought are now down
to $38 and they keep coming out with new
models but regardless of what brand that
you buy here’s the most important thing
that you need to know about n ears the
seal is everything if you have a good
seal the earbuds will sound good whether
or not they’re fifty dollar earbuds or
five hundred dollar earbuds but if the
inners don’t have a good seal if they
don’t completely seal in your ears while
you’re putting them in because you have
the wrong sized ear tip on them then you
will lack a lot of bass the kick drum
won’t sound right the whole drum set
will sound a little iffy and overall
you’re not going to have a good
experience I’ve even had this after me
on $300 in years it doesn’t matter if
you’re buying West’s tones or any
expensive brand if the seal isn’t quite
right if you’re not using the right size
ear tip then they will sound bad so do
whatever you have to do try out every
single ear tip in the box and even go
buy some third-party one so we’re get a
custom mold whatever it is you need to
do make sure you have a good seal and
you’ll have a great time within ears
okay so that is my two cents on drum
amplification let me know what you guys
think down in the comments below I’m
just one guy you guys have all tried out
different brands as well let me know
your experiences with the different
brands down in the comments
have an amazing day thank you so much
for watching all the way to the end I
really appreciate it and I’ll see you in a few.