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Ernie ball axis capo review

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Ernie ball axis capo review

What’s up guys mark from spots music
spots music comm and two minute Tuesday
time this is the new axis capo from an
Ernie Ball
like most Capo’s it’s a quick change
designed for one-hand operation I’ve
been using kaisers since I was like 12
I’ve gone through so many of them this
one I can actually use as a musical
instrument at this point in its life but
I thought it would be neat to give these
guys a try always in the market for a
capo like I’ve said I’ve gone through so
many of them mostly because I’ll lose
one by another lose it by another and
then find two of them and then I have
way too many but yeah here we go alright
first off it’s a little sleeker sleeker
design still try to track my face too
got a new camera and I gotta get my face
out of the picture there we go

look how short that is a little bit
sleeker more alien-esque than the
traditional looking how do I do this
like this then the traditional looking
kaisers just squeezes on

works like any capo actually works
similarly which is the word of the day
to the kaisers the one thing that I did
notice is that when I had grabbed this
one to put it on there’s a back wall to
so like any Capo’s gonna open up a
maximum width this one isn’t it doesn’t
go as far until it hits that wall I’ve
never hit a wall on a kaiser but that’s
completely it that doesn’t really matter
do anything so I think they’d be a great
capo we’ll see how long it takes till it
develops a squeak like my old geyser
does but I think I’m gonna run it for a
little bit let me know in the comments
what Capo’s you’re running and yeah
until next time enjoy your night peace