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Ernie ball beefy slinky review

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Ernie ball beefy slinky review

What’s up everybody tempis here very
excited to demonstrate for you today two
sets of strings that I have purchased by
earning ball one is the beefy slinky and
the other is the mammoth slinky come to
be using my 2000 carbon bolt tee for the
beefy slinkys and that’s gonna be in a D
standard tuning and I’m gonna be using
my 1952 reissue from 1998 Fender
Telecaster to demonstrate a beast and
their tuning of the mammoth slinkys

  • Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings, 11-54 Gauge

I’m gonna demo about the clean channel
and a distorted channel for each guitar
at the end of is gonna let you know what
I think about them and also feel free to
leave in the comments what you think
about them as well

so overall I’m very impressed with these
two sets of strings that have tried
today by Ernie Ball I think they did a
fantastic job in choosing the gauges
it’s almost as if they designed them
just for my own need so thanks again
Arnie ball for making such great strings
I’m gonna include a link in the
description below to not only or evolve
site but as well as how to purchase
these two strain sets as well so you can
get them and trying to let me know what
you think so thanks guys for tuning in
today and checking this video out if you
like what you see here and you want to
see other videos in the future go ahead
and subscribe to my channel hope you
guys have a great day