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Ernie ball earthwood light acoustic guitar strings review

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Ernie ball earthwood light acoustic guitar strings review

It’s that time and that time is time to
change strings on my acoustic guitar I
think these strings are like a year old
so for the first time I’m trying these
ernie ball earth wood strings these are
the light gauge and I think the gauge is
11 through 52 yes 11 through 52
it’s the 80/20 bronze alloy so I don’t
even know what that means but anyway
we’re gonna try these out and see how it
sounds so first this is how my guitar
sounds with the old strings

Now let’s put them dear strings on here you braid

all right the new strings are on again
ernie ball earth wood earth will you
ever play so let’s see how these streams

All right so I’m digging these streets
so far now one thing I’ll say is they
actually don’t really feel like new
strings yeah when you put new strings on
guitar they’re a little harder to play
at first and just doesn’t quite feel
right you got to break it in these kind
of feel like it’s already slightly
broken in and I’m liking the tone so far
as well and I don’t know I’m just
filling this from my iphone here so I
don’t know how well the sound is it’s
probably not doing it justice but you
know this sound out here sounds really
really good so I’m liking you so far you
know the next test will we’ll see how
long it takes for these strings to
settle to stay in tune so anyway guys
that again is the Ernie ball earth wood
strings these are the light acoustic
streams you guys hope you enjoyed the
video leave me any questions in the
comment section there or if you’ve used
these strings before I’d like to know
your experience with them or whatever
strings you’re using so until the next
video as always keep it metal