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Ernie ball guitar polish review

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Ernie ball guitar polish review

Hey guys guy for it’s not five here with
the unboxing first look and review of
Ernie balls guitar polish and the one I
have here also includes a cloth which is
very nice
I picked this off Amazon for under ten
bucks the price definitely fluctuates so
I’ll have a link in the description
where you can check this out now
this is made in the US and the one I
have here is the four fluid ounces so
just give you a quick tour of the box
the artwork on the box is quite creative
I think here on the side is like red
flowers I guess and here on the front
you can already see a glimpse of the
cloth included and stamp right front and
center on the box of the precaution to
only use this on finish’ wood surfaces
so don’t be using this on your fret
board or your unfinished bridge or
anything like that here’s just a quick
look at the top in the bottom which is
just a barcode alright so let’s go ahead
and unbox this thing

  • Ernie Ball 30 x 30 cm Ultra-Plush Microfiber Polish Cloth

first thing that comes out is the
cleaning cloth and it seems pretty thick
I’ll get into that a little bit later
let’s see what else comes in the box and
use a little message and it basically
says that Ernie Ball is not liable for
any damages that may occur if you use
their product on inappropriate surfaces
aka not finished wood so make sure you
only use this on finished wood okay and
next we have the Polish itself and it is
one of those sprays so you gotta be
careful around children and then right
there is a warning label shake well
before application keep away from
children don’t spray this near your eyes
or breathe it in it is toxic so that’s
just a precaution there give it a good
shake before using it alright let’s go
ahead and turn our attention back to the
cloth let’s take it out of its wrapping
and it has its logo right on the center
of this and let me just unfold it wow it
really is quite big though when you’re
using it you most likely will want to
keep it folded but just to give you an
idea of the size it’s a pretty big cloth
and it’s not cheaply made either it’s
thick and it’s very nice so that’s great
I would recommend buying this with the
Polish if you can now let’s talk about
the guitar polish so I’ve already used
this to polish up my guitar also shown
in my video of how to change guitar
strings and from what I’ve seen it
definitely does work quite well although
my guitar was not like excessively dirty
or anything there was a definite
difference it’s may not be too Nosal
noticeable if you have a clean guitar
but it also smooths out any scratches
that you’ve had just you know very
superficial scratches it definitely
helps out in this aspect as well
therefore I recommend this product
wholeheartedly go get it if you are a
guitar lover as usual if you like this
video feel free to give it a thumbs up
be greatly appreciated subscribe to this
channel for more videos like this and if
you need help changing your guitar
strings check out my tutorial video link
is on the screen as well as in the
description thank you for watching