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Ernie ball not even slinky review

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Ernie ball not even slinky review

So I’m gonna be doing a
Ernie ball not even slinky review of
these strings right here
Arnie ball not even slinkys this is 12
256 I’m not gonna be playing anything
for you reason why is because me playing
on my guitar the way I play with my amp
and everything isn’t gonna really give
you an idea of how these strings sound
or play I mean it’s really gonna have to
be kind of something that you experience
for yourself but I can give you my
opinions and what I feel about these
strings to start off we’ll go over the
gauges plane strings the first through
the third string or 12 16 and 24 the
bottom three strings are 32 44 56 right
off the bat everybody’s already
like a 24 plane yeah it’s it’s really
the one thing about this pack of strings
that really jumps out of people and for
me it’s it’s the biggest problem with
this pack of strings that I have which
I’ll just go ahead and drop straight
into that part of it first off the 24
this pack of Springs isn’t like balanced
but it’s not too bad either but that 24
is way more attention than any other
string on the guitar and on top of that
a 24 plane even in a lower tuning it’s
just so weird filling on your fingers
that it kind of almost hurts to play
it’s almost like using a cheese grater
on if you’ve ever seen like those old
cheese graters or potato cutters
whatever they already has this 2 wire
stretch across that’s exactly almost
what this wires like I mean it’s not
that bad it ain’t like it’s gonna cut
your tip your finger off or anything but
it’s just not comfortable but even more
so than that the big problem with the
string is is it doesn’t in turn eight
properly no matter what you do no matter
how much adjusting you do on your guitar
I mean I’m sure it’s possible but for
the most part so it just doesn’t hold
too north of crap you know I’m sure some
people can.

  • Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings 12-56 Gauge

I’m sure with a lot of work
maybe you can but I don’t think so I
mean I’ve adjusted my ATAR time after
time and still not gotten anything from
it most of the reviews I look at on the
internet that have a problem with this
is that exact problem the string is way
too big to be unwound
and it’s way too big for the set even
even if it was a long string it’s just
way too big for it sat in the set but on
top of that just being plain it doesn’t
intimate so other than that my opinions
of this set are all positive I really
like it I think it’s cool that Ernie
Ball offers you know the variety of
strings that also because a lot of
stores I go to you know carry some
stores carry a lot of brands some stores
carry like one or two brands but most
places I go have Ernie Ball and they
usually have a decent selection of
running ball strings so that’s cool that
they offer them personally i i think
this set is what a lot of people are
going to go to for tuning down the
guitar and that’s even on the package
they say optimal for D tuning you guys
won’t be able to see it right here in
the corner underneath this price tag it
says that in my opinion if you got a
twenty five point five selling guitar
these strings are great from tuning down
probably as low as B standard or drop B
and if you have a twenty four point
seven five
I think drop C and C standard these
things are great for you know going down
that low you can go
you know anywhere in between as well but
I really wouldn’t suggest going past D
on twenty five point five scale or C on
twenty four point seven five of course
that’s just my personal you know
preference to looking at what most
people use as live strings in 1942 these
strings you know I’ve looked at the
tension and stuff and down to those you
know tomes is about one it’s that same
area but you know there’s people who use
these for drop a and drop b-flat and
stuff and are perfectly happy with them
personally I’ve used these things in so
many different tunings it’s not funny
I’ve used them from anywhere from e all
the way down to a standard and that’s
how I also know I’m not a big fan of
them any blow lower than B and I’ve used
them in drop D all the way down to drop
a I don’t think I’ve ever gonna lower
with them that with them and then just
you know they’re good strings that’s one
thing I’ll say about them is they last a
long time for me
least they’ve always held team really
well you know I’ve had them on here all
my guitars for months at a time and I’ve
had them on there for weeks at a time
you know doing different levels of plans
sometimes I’ve been inside my room you
know just playing here and there and
sometimes I didn’t full-on pretty much
like gigging with them and beating the
crap out of them you know playing I play
thrash metal so my hands really heavy I
play it fast and they hold tuned and
I’ve never had any break so you know
that’s not an issue now that playing 24
when I tuned it to e I was worried about
it because it’s just even though I plan
to turn to tuna 124 up on the similar
set to this and E and not feel weird
about it that plane 24 just freaks me
out there’s not really a lot to say
about them but the good strings for down
tuning especially I mean that’s where
these things live aren’t evolves really
hit hit Nell Nell on the head with this
for that but again you know those guys
out there who won’t these four you know
playing like jazz and stuff like that
these are perfect for that also 7 string
guys even though this is a six string
set you know you can always buy like a
nine or ten and put on here and turn it
into an awesome seven string said just
you know just throwing that out there
nothing that I think yet you guys
definitely should give these a chance I
mean if you’re looking for a similar
gauge to this and you’re looking at
different brands try learning ball on
the energy balls been around forever you
know sure I like some brands of strings
some things about other brands more than
our knee ball but I’m a pretty big Ernie
Ball endorser like an actual endorsee
but you know as far as telling most
people that’s about it now