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Ernie ball power slinky bass review

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Ernie ball power slinky bass review

Today we’re experiencing ear we shoot
out a whole bunch of Vernie ball-based
so now that I have done the guitar
strings from Ernie Ball I have done the
acoustic guitar strings burning ball now
what is left are the bass strings so I
thought we would shoot out some make
strings cleaning some flat loud some
coated some Cobalts yeah a lot of
strings having recently done the
acoustic strings from Ernie Ball that
left only one series to do and that is
the bass strings and I mean I wasn’t
entirely wrong I mean I servers like
four I thought maybe apparently there is
like six seven ish six seven ish but we
are going to shoot them all out using
this fantabulous 2018 music man stingray
which has been graciously loan to me
from Ernie Ball it might get lost in the
mail guys

  • Sale Ernie Ball Power Slinky Flat wound Electric Bass Strings 55-110 Gauge

so let’s go over what we’re
going to shoot out first we are going to
shoot out some flat wounds some group
two custom gauge flat wounds oh yeah I’m
throwing strings again next we are going
to shoot out some stainless steel
regular slinkys next we are going to
shoot out some slinky flat wounds next
we are going to shoot out some Ernie
Ball coated regular slinkys really
curious to see what those that might
next we’re going to shoot out some short
scale I don’t have a short scale bass so
I am NOT shooting these out I don’t know
why these are even in this pile but
there are some short scale bass strings
available as well that’s super cool I
need to get a Mustang bass a slinky
cobalt set which is pretty cool too and
we’re going to actually start this whole
thing as a control with a good old
fashioned set of regular slinky bass
strings for this test I will play just a
simple little riff I’m not gonna go to
noodley because that would lose
definition within you’re trying to hear
the strings if I’m just doing a wittily
wittily thing because I can totally do
get Ely licks I can really I just I
choose not to but I’m gonna play the
riff and it’s going to repeat just like
the last ones dead I’m gonna do a bass
amp this time a Galen Kruger universal
audio amp sim straight I’m plugging
straight into my Universal Audio Apollo
8 interface and then we’re gonna circle
back around and we’re just going to
listen to the DI tracks let’s do it.
you know overall I actually liked the
sound of the flat wounds not the most I
think I think overall I’m looking at the
strings on the floor overall I would say
regular Stinky’s or the Cobalts for me
personally but they all sound pretty
great I was actually surprised at how
much definition the flat wounds had
versus the regular wound strings I’m not
that well versed and familiar with flat
wound so it was kind of a nice
experience to get to actually just play
with some and check them out and it’s
weird not having the string noise I
don’t know it’s that is pretty cool I
could definitely see their use isn’t
like heavy music maybe possibly I don’t
know that does it for me hope you
enjoyed this shoot out to all the
pickable links down below you have an
order for Ivan fluff thank you so much
for watching I will see you next time