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Ernie ball regular slinky electric guitar strings review

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Ernie ball regular slinky electric guitar strings review

How’s everybody doing today’s we are
going to be a Ernie ball regular slinky electric guitar strings review
and demonstration. now I don’t know
the official numbers but it seems safe
to say that these strings are among the
most popular strings if not the most
popular strings that I’m aware of
I know a ton of people who have always
used them and still use them and I
personally have used them for years and
I still use them on certain guitars so
in this video we’re going to take a
listen to these strings and I’m going to
talk about why I believe these strings
are so popular

  • Ernie Ball Regular Slinky

First of all they’re very well known
they have a very strong heritage they
have on the back of the package a list
of players who have used them and I’m
sure that’s a very incomplete list
considering how many people do use them
I’ve never been to any music stores that
did not stock these they’re extremely
popular the packaging is bright green
and it’s very recognizable if you’re
looking at even a wall of strings you
can pick it out really fast another
thing about the packaging is that these
strings are actually packaged fairly
well the whole set is sealed inside of
one kind of metallic ish package which
resists humidity so the strings aren’t
going to corrode before you open the
package and within the package and these
are all just spares that I’ve had so who
knows what shape these are in but within
the package each individual string has
its own like little paper sleeve that
it’s in which you might think that’s a
pretty basic thing to point out but
compared to some other brands the
packaging of these is actually really
another factor that contributes to the
popularity of these strings is the price
now most places I’ve seen you can get
them for about four or five dollars per
pack which is very reasonable now let’s
talk about the actual performance of the
now me personally having played these
strings for years my impression is that
these strings are good in a lot of ways
they have good shelf life you can keep
them in the package for a long time and
I’ve taken them out sometimes after even
a couple of years and the strings are
fine ready to go strung them up play
they have good tone they’re definitely
not the best tonally but they’re far
from the worst they’re kind of
but they definitely are super consistent
from one pack to the next you’re never
gonna be surprised how they sound
to me they sound very normal I would
almost equate it to if you had an
equalizer with every single slider set
right in the middle or original knob set
right in the middle it’s just you know
they’re not too Chinese they’re not too
bright there’s just really nothing that
stands out about the tone of them they
have a good playing life once again not
the best but good the pretty good as far
as corrosion resistance goes and they
tend to hold their tone pretty well one
thing that I do actually find kind of
annoying about these strings is the fact
that they have a bit of a break-in
meaning if you string your guitar up to
knit stretch the strings retune it even
a couple times going through and
stretching them you’ll still find the
strings have a little bit more to go so
even after tuning stretching the strings
retuning stretching strings when you
first put them on it still typically
takes me about one full like full force
practice session before all the little
bits of additional tension get settled
where the strings are fully and properly
settled and stretched in
but once they are broken in they are
perfectly stable so there’s no need to
worry about long-term it’s just right
when you put them on a little bit iffy
plus if you’ve been using them for a
while II just know what to expect as I
said before I’ve used these strings on a
ton of different guitars over the years
so obviously I would recommend them they
don’t really have any particular strong
suits but they are a good all-around
string to use
I used to only use these strings a few
years ago and then more recently I
started branching out to other brands
and obviously different gauges of
strings for different tunings the
strings that I’ve been using for
standard tuning for my main practice
guitars and for recording are fairly
expensive and I’ve been going through a
couple sex a week so that’s been getting
kind of annoying and I’m really
seriously considering going back to
trying to use these a lot more often
just because it’s more cost effective
and there’s really nothing wrong with
them I would say overall it’s a very
good product a lot of people use them
there’s a reason why they’re so popular
anyway I hope you guys found this video
to be helpful and informative if you
liked this video don’t forget to share
it and subscribe to my channel for more
guitar and music related content thanks
for watching