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Ernie ball regular slinky guitar strings review

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Ernie ball regular slinky guitar strings review

With so many different types of strings
how are you ever supposed to know which
ones are right for you only ball are
probably the biggest string manufacturer
in the world and because they’re the
biggest string manufacturer they make a
ton of different types of strings
because they’ve got something for
everyone but how are you supposed to
know what gauge is right for you and
your style of playing well let’s start
by me taking you through the standard
range and then explaining some of the
weird alternatives that Ernie ball also
Ernie balls standard gauge of strings
are known as slinkys and they go from
eighths right up to twelve the eights
are known as extra slinky and ace is
quite an unusual gauge because it’s so
slinky by slinky I mean the strings are
very thin which means they have low
tension which means you can bend them
more there aren’t many guitars that come
with eighths as standard it’s a very
nice choice the only instrument I can
think of the comes standard least wrong
with them all the only player I can
think of who uses them is in vane
Malmsteen on his Fender Stratocaster
which of course comes with scalloped
frets where the whole idea is that
you’re gonna be bending strings next up
is only balls
Nine’s known as super slinkys these are
probably the most popular gauge of
strings in the world they’re only balls
famous pink set of strings most fender
style instruments come strong with nines
and certainly if you’re in standard
tuning they’re an excellent gauge of
string to have enough slinkin us to be
able to bend your notes but still keep
tuning for those big thick chords next
up in a bright yellow pack is the
regular slinkys these are only balls
tens now these come at the standard
gauge of strings on Gibson scale length
guitars they’re a slightly short scale
and it means that the strings roughly
have the same amount of tension as nines
would on a Fender due to that shorter
scale and again it means you can you can
definitely dig in and get all those
bends but they’re great in standard
tuning as well now this is where things
get interesting we have two sets the
orange hybrid
slinkys and the red skinny top-heavy
bottom these are quite a unique unusual
type of strings because they’re mixes of
two gauges the hybrid slinkys are a mix
of the nines and the tens the super
slinkys and the standard the regular
slinkys what that does is gives you the
low end of the tens and the high end of
the nine so if you really want to get
your bends in and have a slinky high end
then that’s there for you whilst you’ve
just got a little bit more tension on
your low end.

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The same can be said of
this skinny top heavy bottom only the
difference is you’re mixing tens on your
high end with with a set of 11s on your
low end so maybe the same thing as
hybrids if hybrids will offend the scale
length guitars then the skinny top heavy
bottom are for Gibson scale length
guitars now we get on to the big boys of
strings we have the power the beefy and
the not even slinky strings those are
two types of 11 gauge strings and one
set of 12 the thicker the gauge of
strings the more tension there’s gonna
be the less slinky the less easy to bend
these strings are gonna be more like a
fight and they’re also of course
excellent for down tuning because the
lower your tuning the less tension there
is so you need thicker strings so that
you know you’re not fretting out on your
high end the powers and the B fees are
both 11s the B fees have a heavier low
end than the the power slinkys but both
are perfect strings if you’re down half
a step or maybe in in D standard or drop
D they’re great if you just stir if
you’re trying to make a bit of a heavier
sound and they’re not even slinkys
probably the ultimate of all string
gauges they are twelves I mean I would
not recommend this string type if you’re
in standard tuning not unless you want
to snap the neck off of your guitar they
are perfect for D standard drop C drop a
they’re perfect for everything heavy
they’re the ultimate metal string
outside of Ernie balls range of slinky
strings they’ve recently introduced
dines come in all the same gauges as
their slinky strings only what’s great
about them is they don’t break they’re
completely unbreakable not that this the
slinky range break especially they’re
just normal strings and normal strings
do break from Time Stein they have got
scientists and magicians on board to
make sure that these strings will never
break so they cost a bit more than a
standard gauge of strings but if you
want strings that are never gonna break
or if you’re really aggressive with your
bends or your picking style then
paradigms might be the right thing for
you on the weirdest side of things Ernie
Ball also do stainless steel and a bolt
strings a bolt string sounds terrifying
but really what this means is the
strings have more clarity with stainless
steel strings with a hex core it means
they’re going to last a bit longer
they’re gonna have better treble
definition so if you ever find that
nickel strings are a bit dull for you
then cobalt or stainless steel a
definitely worth a look and of course if
you play weird instruments then only but
I’ve got you covered there they do a
range of 12 strings six string baritone
eight string and seven string guitar
strings all in various gauges so there
really is something for everyone in the
Ernie Ball range so that is the only
bull range of strings from extra slinky
to not even slinky there’s something for
everyone and isn’t that nice and if you
want to see more videos like this then
hit that subscribe button and we’ll see
you very soon the gauge yeah yeah
there’s definitely something for you
there what am I saying
it’s definitely something for you come
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