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Hagstrom viking ii review

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Hagstrom viking ii review

The Hagstrom Viking saw the first light of day back in 1965 and quickly became one of Hagstrom’s most popular models. This was largely due to its affordability, dependability for beginners or pros alike – thanks in part from being able be tuned up easily by qualified technicians with basic tools!
The Hagstrom Viking ii modular design allows users easy access between different blade sizes while still staying true to tradition as well (so if you’re looking down on your project right now then take heart. We have a great range of Hagstrom Viking ii guitars available right here at Music Specialists, with AfterPay and ZipPay available, so you can shred now and pay latr.

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I’m doing a video that was sent in via email
as a request and I thought you know what
sounds like a really interesting thing
to try so Scott aka gas and bullets
thanks for the email man I really
appreciate it today we’re gonna check
out this Viking guitar from Hagstrom not
only was the request to review this
particular guitar but it was also to
plug the guitar in through a Fender bass
breaker amp and that’s what I’ve done
I’ve grabbed the seven-watt head and
it’s going into my two notes torpedo
let’s take a closer look at the guitar.

so here’s the guitar up close there’s a
couple of things that I really dig about
it it has two humbucker pickups a 3-way
toggle switch so it’s very much like an
es-335 in terms of its design and we
have a volume control here for the neck
volume control here for the bridge and
two tone controls just to note to these
roll forwards as being on as opposed to
most Gibson guitars which go the
opposite way

Check out the tail piece here as well it
looks really really beautiful in the
hand this guitar feels great it’s not
overly heavy I would say this is around
the same weight as my es-335 from tako
which is based on a 50s Gibson guitar
and the neck on this feels pretty much
the same as well it’s basically a 50
style neck so it feels really cool in
the hand here’s the headstock up close I
think it looks great with this
mother-of-pearl style stuff going on
here as well here’s the back of the
headstock we’ve got Hagstrom tuners as
well and the tension on them is pretty
good and I haven’t had any problems with
tuning stability a huge thanks to gas
and bullets for suggesting I do a review
of this guitar through this particular
amplifier I’m really looking forward to
it it just seems to be a really great
combination and a huge thanks to Skype
music for allowing me to borrow this
guitar if you want to find out more
about them well it wants to be on screen
and in the description below if you like
three three fives you’ll definitely get
a kick out of this alright let’s kick
this off we’re gonna start on the bridge
pickup and being that we plugged into a
Fender bass breakers seven watt amp
we’ve got the gain cranked and the
volume is up as well we’ll try to be
cleaner a little bit later but being
that this is a one channel amp and the
drive stays rocks let’s go ahead and
give this a shot with the gain at about
three o’clock so this is bridge pickup
man what a combination neck pickup
and both pickups
let’s try it now with a little bit of
extra gain thanks to this Australian
made pedal called the overunity
this is bridge
This thing sounds awesome over to both
let’s try for some cleaner tones this
amp won’t do a really great clean it
kind of always stays a little bit dirty
because it doesn’t have a dedicated
clean channel so I’ve found the gain all
the way back down to about nine o’clock
and the volumes up at about two o’clock
let’s start on the neck pickup here

Nice thanks for watching my name’s Shane
if you have any comments questions or
suggestions about the guitar or the
review please let me know and I’ll get
back to you and as soon as I can what do
I think of this particular guitar if it
wasn’t blatantly obvious I think it
sounds spectacular it seems to handle
Drive beautifully I love the fact I can
even stack more Drive thanks to the
pedal into the amp and it sounds clear
and full without getting kind of weird
or dark just has a really lively sound
which feels great it feels also really
awesome in the hand the next shape is
exactly what I like I like 50s profile
necks and having a little bit of extra
width in the neck is always a good thing
my only small criticism of this is I
could hear some isolation on the B
string coming from somewhere down here
so I don’t know right now whether or not
it’s the actual bridge or what it is
something’s buzzing in the hardware it’s
either this or something in the
tune-o-matic bridge I’m not a hundred
percent certain but it’s probably easily
fixed that said that particular sound
doesn’t actually come through on the
recording it’s only something I can hear
given the acoustics of the instrument
thanks again for watching and a huge
thanks to gas and bullets for suggesting
this I really appreciate it if you want
to suggest a video for me to do from the
stuff I have access to its sky music
check out that website all the links are
on screen and in the description below
thanks again for watching folks catch a
soon see