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Hohner big valley harmonica review

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Hohner big valley harmonica review

Let’s get started. I am welcome to
harmonica Joe calm where I provide high
quality in-depth musical instruction for
harmonica players so today is all about
the Hohner big valley harmonica review
special 20 and it’s
been around for a long time probably
just about every harmonica player I
think has one of these in their box of
harps the hundred special 20 has been
around for a very long time and I think
they got it right it’s loosely based
upon the Hohner Marine Band in fact it
kind of feels like Marine Band.

Maybe just a little bit larger it’s a little
bit wider than the Marine Band is it has
a plastic comb which is the black part
here with the holes in it that’s called
the comb a lot of people prefer the
plastic over the wood in that’s found in
the hona Marine bands when they came out
with this a lot of people they jumped on
it because it had the plastic comb no
more worries about the woodcomb
expanding and cutting your lips as the
little tines on the comb would expand
and they’d kind of stick out a little
bit from the cover plates they recessed
the reed plates into the comb which is
the black plastic which also cut down on
will help cut down on getting your lips
cut which would sometimes happen with a
marine band it’s a really good harmonica
they cover plates are done real nicely
unlike a marine band these the cover
plates are closed on the sides so
there’s no air leakage on the sides in
the back they’re real the real solid see
really you can’t squeeze it they have
plastic has a couple of plastic comb has
a couple spacers in there that to keep
it from being crushed down
unlike the Marine Band the reeds and the
reed plates are pretty much similar to a
marine band
I don’t know if they’re exactly the same
but I don’t think so I think they’re
it’s a little bit wider because of the
harmonica is wider it’s a really good
play and it responds real well it’s
fairly airtight but Honus got their act
together and they’re doing a really good
job on these special 20s and now they’re
called the special 20 progressive series
people like them it’s a really popular
harmonica most blues players that I’ve
come in contact with playing in bands
they really like the special 20s special
20 you know it really it sounds great
and they’re consistent from one to
another if you you get one harmonica out
of the box it’s going to be real
consistent to another one right out of
the box so you can actually go to the
store if you’re running low on a key of
A or something like that then you own
your way to the gig stop in the Music
Store pick one up and it’s pretty much
it’s gonna work right out of the box for
you as especially as a Blues player some
of the downsides well there aren’t that
many the big one is if you use over
blues they don’t over blow that great
you can definitely modify them and
adjust the reeds and and sculpt the
reeds and how you see fit to get over
blows and they will work to me they
don’t work I don’t get over blows in the
special 20s as easily as I do on the
Marine bands so marine bands I can get
them pretty easily especially even out
of the box especially on the crossovers
but on the special 20 not so much where
I think they missed the mark is that
their Reed plates are unique to the
special 20 so they’re not
interchangeable with any other
harmonicas that was something about the
special 20s that I kind of wish they had
Reed plates or at least they were
interchangeable where you could get them
and then you could make up your own
tunings now that said the special 20s
you can get in other tunings they have
the country tuning which is really cool
I demonstrate that on this link up here
I do a Charlie McCoy or solo on a
country tune special 20 that’s really
cool so Charlie McCoy would use those
harmonicas so if you’re playing country
songs it’s really nice to have that so
you get the major 7th instead of a
dominant 7 so it’s there real nice for
playing melodies the biggest thing I
like about the Hohner special 20s is the
price now I know there’s other
harmonicas out there that are better the
side Dells I mean I’ve got a few sy
Dells and says
with the aluminum cones and the side
ends I have a couple of the session
steels and I have a 1847 silver I think
it is and that’s an amazing harmonica
they’re great but the problem is is I
can buy two or even three special 20s
for the price of one of them depending
where I get them from yeah there’s there
are better made harmonicas out there but
they’re not that much better if you’re
going to get a harmonica and you’ve got
a certain amount of money you know and
you can’t really you could get two
different keys of special 20s versus
getting one seidel as much as I love
slide l’s and I would love to say get
that you know I’d probably go for the
finally had enough money for two special
20s or one seidel I would get to special
20s in different keys you know if I
needed them so that’s kind of where I’m
at with them I really like special 20s
now if you look at some of my other
videos I play the Hohner crossover
marine band crossover a lot and that’s
actually lately been my go-to harp
probably the last year or so but I do
play the special 20s a lot so if I’m out
on a blues gig I’ll use this special 20
because it lasts a long time they’re
they’re pretty robust harmonica so is
the Hohner special 20 really the best
harmonica out there well I think it’s up
to you the individual player I really
like to hear what your opinions are down
in the comments section below you know
let me know if you’re playing special
20s what you like about I’m what you
don’t like about them or if there’s
another brand of harmonica that you
really think is the best harp but I
think for the consistency and the price
of the harmonica it sounds great it’s
relatively airtight it’s reliable I can
pull it up out of my box and I know it’s
pretty much gonna work so I think for
that aspect of it yeah I’m going to be
playing special 20s for a long time to
come even though I play other harmonicas
as well because I like to experiment
with other harmonics and I think others
have different sounds yeah I think
they’re in special 20 is one of the best
out there so if you want to give a
special 20 a try I’ll put a link down in
the description box below where you can
get one you know let me know what you
think so so if you liked this video and
you want to check out some of my other
videos I’ll be posting more as time
goes on please hit the subscribe button
and ring the bell and that way you’ll be
notified when I come out with new videos
leave a comment down in the comment
section below and let me know what
harmonica you think is the best I’d like
to hear that
alright so until the next one keep on