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Hohner blues band review

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Hohner blues band review

This is my Hohner blues band review
all right so the hohner bluesman is an
awesome little harmonica
this is the cheapest harmonica that i
would recommend buying
at the time that i’m recording this
video this is the least expensive
harmonica i could find
that would be suitable for learning all
your beginning
harmonica techniques so if you are a
beginner and you’re wanting to test the
waters and not make a huge investment or
if you’re on a super tight budget
this is the harmonica for you look no
further than the hohner blues band

Bendability bendability i give it a four
out of five
but i also gave the fender blues deluxe
a four out of five
and this harmonica is not quite as easy
to bend
as the fender blues deluxe and
particularly the draw two
and the draw three holes are a little
i find a bit challenging to bend i can
bend everything and that’s why i give it
a four out of five but
in terms of how easy it is to bend the
two draw two and draw three if you think
if you’re like trying to learn how to
bend or you think you want to be
learning how to bend a lot
this might not be the best choice
because it is a bit difficult to bend
especially the draw holes two and three
and so
if you have a or blues man and you’re
like feeling really frustrated you’re
having a hard time bending
you may want to consider bumping up to
an affordable alternative would be the
fender blues deluxe
or a more expensive but much more easy
to bend harmonica would be like a
special 20 or a lee oscar
so bendability hohner blues band 4 out
of 5 stars
tone tone i’m also giving it a 4 out of
5 stars
it has a darker tone and it has a pretty
quiet projection
but this can be a good thing depending
on what you’re wanting right like
if you’re wanting to jam with a whole
bunch of acoustic guitar players and be
able to be heard
this is not going to be your best choice
but like i love taking this harmonica to
the beach
because i can play and i feel like it’s
not you know just necessarily disturbing
all my neighbors
if you’re living in tight quarters and
you’re wanting to practice without
bothering people
this would be a great choice but the
there’s something about the tone that’s
kind of sweet too which is why i give it
the 4 out of 5 stars
okay let me compare that with say lee
so you can hear immediately you know a
huge difference in projection versus
but let me those are totally different
price ranges let me compare it with the
fender blues deluxe
and now the hohner blues band
so you can hear it’s it’s weaker
projection it’s a duller tone
and that’s what you’re getting when you
buy this harmonica for better or for
depending on your perspective
responsiveness i give it a 3 out of 5
stars and this is the place where
the hohner blues band really doesn’t
shine and that’s in responsiveness
especially on the draw 2 and the draw 3.
in the examples that i was just playing
when i was playing that little riff on
this harmonica and then on the lee
oscar and on the fender blues deluxe uh
it was just
it was a lot harder to get the
it’s the responsiveness especially on
the draw two and draw three down here
is not great that’s why i give it a
three out of five stars
it doesn’t just respond immediately as
soon as you blow or draw the way that
a really great harmonica will so i would
say that’s the biggest
a weak point of the blues band is the
comfort four out of five stars it’s got
slightly sharp corners
it’s again a plastic comb the reed plate
is not sticking through very comfortable
on the lips
so 4 out of 5 stars for comfort for
looks i give this harmonica also a three
out of five
you know regular black plastic comb
harmonica nothing to look at
i think the writing on the cover plate
looks pretty cheesy
there was one key label here on the
front of the comb but like
i haven’t played this all that much and
the key label has worn off
already on the subject two of looks that
reminds me
one thing i failed to mention this
harmonica ships with a cardboard little
cardboard box that it comes in and i
mine kind of fell apart over time so
i’ve ditched it so
you know that’s another thing to bear in
mind it does not come with a plastic box
like a lot of harmonicas like the fender
blues deluxe for example
you’re paying a few bucks more for the
fender blues deluxe harmonica but
one advantage is that one does come with
a plastic box
this one comes with just a little
cardboard box so just something to be
aware of
all right so in conclusion the hohner
blues band harmonica i give it a 3.6 out
of 5 stars this is my second
favorite budget harmonica and it’s
really suitable like i said if you’re
wanting to test the waters
if you’re wanting to just work on your
deep relaxed mouth position
and on learning how to isolate notes
using the lip blocking technique or the
tongue blocking technique
those would be this would be a great
harmonica for you if you’re thinking
you’re wanting to do a lot of bending
if you’re looking for something that’s a
little bit more responsive then you
might consider shelling out the few
extra bucks
that you would have to pay for a fender
blues deluxe or going all the way up to
a more professional harmonica like a lee
oscar or a special 20.
but if you’re looking for your very
cheapest harmonica that you can get by
this is your guy right here there’s
nothing cheaper the time of this video i
think it goes for like seven or eight
bucks but
harmonica price is always very often and
quickly so check the link below the
to see what the price is right now
thanks so much for watching this video
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just harmonic
anything related to harmonica as always
leave it below the video i’ll try and
get back to you as soon as possible
thanks for watching we’ll see you next
look no further look no for
if so if you’re a beginning harmonica
if you’re wanting to
that’s that that’s what i’m talking
about it’s not that responsive