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Hohner blues bender review

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Hohner blues bender review

Honer blues bender reboot
hunter for a long time has had some
cheap harmonicas
uh like the blues band uh the old
standby the
what is pocket pal truly awful
and i think they got tired of having
their shorts handed to them by
all these asian manufacturers like kang
and east hop and uh those guys
who were making really pretty good
harmonicas for not much money
and uh they decided
don’t want to do that anymore let’s put
out a
good cheap harmonica and this one uh
promises to have professional level read
set up
not sure what that means it means
probably that they paid somebody to set
up the reads
um but i opened the
the harp up and the the gaps were set
really really well it was playable out
of the box


maybe with some tweaking you could get
that to work too
um tone is a little thin but you know
it’s not too bad it compares okay with
some of these
other uh inexpensive harps
uh kong

um this one’s a little bit readier but
not quite as greedy for example as
the east hop

uh i think the construction of the
e-stop is probably a little better and
is still
i think the king of the low-cost
but this is a perfectly fair entry into
the market for hohner and it carries
all-important owner brand name
um 22 bucks
a little bit more expensive than the
usual suspects that i just played
but again uh you really don’t need to
mess with this one out of the box at
the one that i have and i can’t say
anything about the durability because i
haven’t had this one for very long
but i think conor did well
putting this one together for not a
whole lot of money
so that’s my take
uh good job guys