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How to get the best out of your guitar – Part 3: Set ups – The good and the bad

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How to get the best out of your guitar – Part 3: Set ups – The good and the bad


We see a lot of guitars in store……

Some of these guitars are bought in by customers for repair, when ultimately it just comes down to the guitar being poorly set up.
A poorly set up guitar can lead to playing problems that people can put down to other things such as tuning issues or faulty guitar manufacture.

A poor guitar set up can cause

  • tuning instability due to excessive neck curvature being affected by temperature changes.
  • inability for the guitar to play in tune when fretted due to the strings being so far above the frets that by the time the string meets the fret the string has been bent out of tune.
  • High action causes the fingers to hurt more due to the pressure required to fret the string.
  • Bellying or warped soundboard in the bridge area of the guitar.

A good guitar set up avoids the points listed above and ensures that the movement in playing the guitar is a smooth as possible.

A well set up guitar means

  • It feels better to play and feels better to the fingers.
  • It resonates better.
  • It stays in tune for longer and plays in tune much better.
  • It’s far more encouraging to beginners to play a well set up guitar because a well set up guitar sounds and plays better than a poorly set up guitar.

Just as you would take a car to a mechanic for a service and a tune up, bringing your guitar in to a qualified technician offers the same benefits. We have had customers in the past almost give up playing their guitar because they thought that the sounds and difficulty in playing was down to them. In reality the issue was to do with the poor set up on the guitar.

If you are struggling with the sound, tuning or movement in your guitar, don’t give up. Bring it in and we can have a look to see if there are improvements to be made to the set up of the guitar.




A well set up guitar is hard to put down and a badly set up guitar is hard to pick up.