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6 Steps to Learn how to play guitar

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6 Steps to Learn how to play guitar

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar? If so, it’s not too late. You may have a new beginner acoustic or electric guitar already and be eager for lessons! Here is everything you need in order to get started playing the instrument: tuning your strings, holding the instrument correctly, strumming chords with ease on both an Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar as well as reading sheet music from TABs. Keep practising and before long those fingers will fly across any fretboard!

Guitar is a diverse instrument. The sound of your guitar can range from the sharp twang of an electric to softer, mellow tones akin to those heard in country music. There are also acoustic guitars which offer different types and shapes for playing styles like folk or classical that vary depending on what you’re looking for when it comes down to picking up this beautiful musical instrument!


1. Tuning up!

Tuning up is so important, and it’s easy to do. You just need an electronic tuner like we have on sale for $5 dollars! There are also free smartphone apps that can help you tune your guitar too – don’t leave home without one of these handy-dandy devices in hand next time you play!”


2. Hold the Guitar in a loving way

Guitar playing is a skill that requires dedication and practice. Holding your guitar correctly will not only help you play better but also avoid developing bad habits which can be difficult to undo later on down the line. Believe it or not, learning just a few basic chords means you can learn how to play hundreds of songs by artists such as Ed Sheeran all the way up through AC/DC! As an essential ingredient in learning how to play the guitar, mastering these chords provides many benefits for any player’s journey- from beginner level upwards!


3. Play your first chords

Learning a few basic chords can get you playing hundreds of songs from the likes of Ed Sheeran to AC/DC and more, but there are plenty out there that don’t need them. The Chord Progression is an essential ingredient in learning how to play guitar and something every beginner learns quickly as they progress through their lessons.

Learning some simple chords has been said before by many people on forums or magazines, so I’m not going into detail about it because everyone knows what’s up with those things now! Basically though when we talk about chord progression which is one thing beginners have learned pretty fast due to its prevalence throughout music history – it makes sense for any musician who wants variation in sound rather than just strumming all the time.


4.  Learn How to read tabs

You might not have any ambitions to become a professional musician, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy playing the guitar. Learning how to read music is an important step on your way there! Once you know how guitars are written down, it’s much easier for you and other musicians around town who make their living with this instrument. You’ll also be able mix up styles of play from country-western ballads all the way through jazz fusion solos; just follow some new lessons in these different genres online or offline at stores like Guitar Center !”


5. Strum it good

If you want to learn how to play guitar, the first thing that we’ll teach you is strumming. Some of our favourite chords are G major and C chord (with an A minor thrown in for good measure).

The biggest part of nearly every song consists of playing chords so a great technique like this one really helps make your music sound more awesome!

A guitar can be a complex instrument, but all you really need to know is how to strum. Since nearly every song has chords in them, it’s crucial that the guitarist knows how to find and play these notes with ease – not just for aesthetic value!

Strumming on an acoustic or electric guitar is important because most songs have some chord progression in them. The more advanced players may want something different from time-to-time, so they’ll dive into other playing styles like fingerpicking (playing individual strings). But if you’re looking for something simple start off by learning basic chords first which will get your fingers working fast.

6. Play a song


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