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Kremona f65c review

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Kremona f65c review

Welcome back hat clamp Pam. I got an awesome video lined up for you. Today I’m super excited because I am getting a brand new guitar that’s being sent right to my house and I’m waiting on the stairs currently at the front door for this bad boy to be delivered.

I’ve been checking the UPS updates and
it’s supposed to be delivered here
within the next 20 to 30 minutes so I’m
just waiting here patiently for the
guitar haul there it is
all right so I know I know the suspense
must be killing you trust me it’s been
killing me too I had to wait a few days
before this came and I’ve been so
excited so let’s check it out Ramona
guitarist Cremona so I’d like to thank
Ramona guitars before we start opening
this up by the way I should know this is
not a paid endorsement or anything so
I’m not getting paid to do this this is
all from Ramona so let’s open it up and
check out what we got inside oh so well
a package a really nice case oh cool
cool cool logo on huh fork Ramona Wow
really really nice case check that out
now let’s open it up and see what we got
inside oh wow this is absolutely

  • Sale Kremona F65C Fiesta Cedar

Okay so first impression this is an
absolutely gorgeous guitar look at this
let me get this case out of the way this
is absolutely beautiful looking look at
that rosette very very cool back in
sides like that Wow very very very cool
we’ll get some close-up shots here in a
second but first impressions this is an
absolutely gorgeous looking guitar we
got to give it the old the old sniff oh
yeah there’s nothing that beats the
smell of like a brand-new guitar right
I think only guitar players will
understand that I’ve always really weird
like that I just love the smell
brand-new guitars
Wow this is absolutely gorgeous I’m so
impressed so aesthetically this is a
beautiful guitar from Cremona let me get
some close shots up here and I’ll go
over the specs right here before we plug
it in and play it and run it through its
paces all right now
the Cremona Fiesta f65 CW SB comes from
Carmona’s performance series of guitars
this specific model comes with a
handcrafted solid european spruce top
and solid indian rosewood for the back
and sides the Fiesta is a stage ready
cutaway version of one of Ramona’s
all-time favorite models it comes
equipped with a fisherman preamp and a
dual source pickup system and trust me
this system is totally awesome I love
having the ability to blend not only the
pickup with the mic inside of the guitar
as well the Fiesta offers a balanced
sound with rich lows and focus mid-range
tones that are great for classical jazz
and pop and it comes with a traditional
52 millimeter neck with for a familiar
feel and if you are a classical player
or you are a fingerstyle player having
that fifty-two millimeter knot is
definitely really really nice to have I
really enjoy having a larger space
between each strings so that my fingers
can fit comfortably when I am plucking
each string and here’s some more
specifics specs so as noted before it
comes with a solid European spruce top
solid Indian rosewood for the back and
it has
rosewood laminate sides it has a hand or
a cedar neck and ebony fingerboard and
Indian rosewood bridge a bone nut and
saddle and gold tuning machines with
rosewood buttons and let me tell you
those tuning machines and those rode
woods rosewood buttons are just
absolutely gorgeous I absolutely love
the look on them and it has the Fishman
prefix Pro and it comes included with a
hardshell case
so yes the hardshell case is also very
very nice it has locks and it’s padded
leather on the outside very very durable
I really like that as far as the case
goes romona guitars in Cremona studio
violins at the product at bulk areas
venerable Cremona luthier established in
1924 long relied upon by musicians
throughout the entire world Cremona now
offers their traditional European
craftsmanship to North America and they
are recognized for their superb build
quality and expansive tone
Carmona’s musical instruments remain one
of the industry’s astonishing values and
I have to agree I cannot believe the
quality on this guitar the sound is
absolutely fantastic and the build
quality is just absolutely fantastic I
absolutely love the fact that Cremona
doesn’t cut any corners on these guitars
and they don’t sacrifice tone production
or quality based on any of these specs
this guitar is absolutely gorgeous and
it’s super seriously as you can tell
this guitar is absolutely aesthetically
gorgeous and I’m gonna put it through
its paces in here exactly how it sounds
I’m going to do a couple demo tracks a
bit playing just as the acoustic sound
without any effects or anything added in
and then I’ll actually plug it into an
amplification system that I have to run
it through and see how the preamp and
all of the amplification aspects works
on it so let’s get into it and check out
how this guitar sounds
all right so now I have it plugged in so
let’s check out how this sounds when we
actually have it running through an ant
by I’m running through a knucks ac30
that is a am that is specifically is not
designed for nylon string guitars so
this is perfect for this duo I’m
actually using a blue Yeti mic to record
the audio so let’s play a couple little
things here and let’s keep kind of
musical with it
so as you can see this guitar would be
perfect for ensemble playing and playing
like jazz bands and probably even blues
bands all right so now let’s check out
some finger picking blues on

all right so this is my final kind of
thoughts and lasting words on this
guitar I am very very impressed I think
there’s something great that’s going on
over at Cremona I think you guys should
definitely check them out this guitar
it’s just absolutely beautiful I think
it sounds great
as acoustic as also plugged in so I mean
you’re getting a heck of a value with a
guitar like this I’m super super
impressed and I want to personally give
a big shout out and thank you to Shawn
over at Cremona guitars I’ve been
dealing with Shauna emailing exchange
back and forth and the people over at
Cremona are super friendly they’re super
awesome they’re very knowledgeable and
they really design an instrument that is
for the player I think they really
design instruments for the player in
mind and that is definitely very very
evident in this guitar here so you will
be seeing this guitar in a lot more
videos and I’m gonna I’m just gonna play
the heck out of this thing I got a lot
of awesome videos coming up and
different ideas that I want to do with
different backdrops and stuff so I’m
really excited to use this guitar I
think this guitar is definitely more
than capable of it it’s absolutely
beautiful and I am so happy so a big
shout out to Shawn and thank you Cremona
guitars for sending this guitar to me
this is super super awesome I’m very
excited about it and I’m definitely just
gonna continue to play this thing all
the time now sorry I just want to again
say thank you to you guys and everybody
else that’s interested in this guitar I
will have all the links down in the
description definitely check out Cremona
guitars because they got an awesome
thing going on over there and I think
you guys would really really benefit
checking them out and checking out all
their instruments they got all kinds of
cool stuff on there so definitely check
out all the links down in the
description and I will see you guys all
in the next video so take care and keep
on rockin and thanks Cremona guitars