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Legacy electric guitar review

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Legacy electric guitar review

We’re gonna review the Legacy electric guitar
strat today let’s check it out out so
flame top
pretty decent book match translucent
black love the choice
um that’s really really cool now this
one we’re selling used at our store but
new they go around 599 ish
and i think that’s a really good price
considering their competitive market is
kind of the mexican strat which is
selling now between seven and eight now
um this one doesn’t say anywhere on it
that it was made in indonesia
but i looked it up and it is so um their
quality control is pretty solid
um let’s flip this over and take a look
at the back okay their website says it’s
swamp ash
uh back and that flametop cap which is
pretty cool
definitely the weight feels appropriate
and i’m
very happy with this finish mirror
no flaws um
yeah absolutely beautiful okay one
random little feature i really like is
this full oval cutout here
for the bridge so you have access to put
the strings in um i
hate having to deal with trying to feed
it through

the first the cover and then the bridge
and get it through the saddles on the
other side drives me crazy so i pulled
the cover off on all my strats
but i wouldn’t need to do that with this
design so bravo to that
also i don’t know if you can see it but
they’ve polished the bottom
of the tremolo block that’s just cool
it’s excessive but i really like it um
so yeah let’s flip this over and take a
okay now the neck carving is pretty nice
they say it’s hard rock maple it’s got
slightly different color and pattern
than i’m used to seeing it’s a little
bit darker than most of the
rock maple um that we see on a lot of
guitars but i do like it
it’s got the cereal pretty decent tuners
flip it around
and let’s see good logo
unique headstock you know doing what
they can and
i don’t that looks to be like a corian
nut i think
um doesn’t look to be bone doesn’t look
to be plastic so okay now the fret ends
they’ve filled all the ends so that’s
really good that’ll keep those tangs
from sticking
out when it gets too dry the actual
fret tips pretty good work there
classy just black dots
i think that’s pretty much it for this
thing let’s uh plug it in take a listen
okay so the weight’s really nice it’s on
the lighter side of a strat
um i will weigh it and put it down here
in the comments so you know exactly what
it is
um as far as playability i mean it’s
exactly what you expect
out of a strat so it feels like a us
strat it’s got a satin neck
um really nice fret ends here um there’s
sharp it’s kind of we’ve had a turbulent
time here in san diego
over the last couple weeks so things
that are having issues with frats so
that they make it very obvious so
this feels good um radius is
probably around 12 14. it’s much flatter
a lot of the vintage strat stuff but it
feels like a modern player
uh shape is nice it’s just a generic see
it’s not like the charvels where it’s
um maybe it’s a little bit flatter than
a traditional strap that that
feels like it could happen um yeah
everything’s really cool on this so
let’s go through all of the tone options
so this is going to be my favorite this
is the neck pickup
and i’m going through my hey jim setting
on the kemper
stock pickups
clean up very nice they’re really crisp
okay this is position four
okay position three
okay this is pickup number two
okay last up we have position number one
that’s the bridge pickup real slinky
aggressive tone
so i kind of naturally fall into a
country thing with it
i’m gonna go through the tones one more
time with the crystal clear tone
um and try to play the exact same thing
so you can hear all the differences
okay this is neck position
okay so overall this meets all the
requirements that you would need
to be a rock and country guy blues guy
jazz guy r b this is a go-to guitar and
for a price under a thousand bucks
it’s very very surprising um i mean i
guess i should expect it from gene and
i’ve never played a guitar that they
made that i didn’t like so um
high five on on creating this monster
and uh yeah let me know if you have
any feedback or any suggestions on other
g l guitars that you really like so
put them down in the comments and we’ll
see you guys soon thanks