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Legacy electronic drum kit review

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Legacy electronic drum kit review

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Let’s have a look at the legacy DD
502 electronic drum kit this has 20
preset drum kits to start you off I’m
changing MIDI songs not the kids

now the lower TomTom seems to lack a bit
of response well I think to be getting
us a reverb through that everything else
sounds great

that’s a really nice kit I’ve tried a
few sort of mid to low end kits and
that’s one of the nicest sets of it this
has lovely response this hi-hat yet

Setups this one this is a brush the
stains in that one then if you can hear
that on the hi-hat yeah like that snare
I don’t like that bass drum obviously
that’s ridiculous but you can’t chop and
change you can create ten of your own
kits so you can get yourself just the
exactly the right bass drum exactly the
right snare drum snare drum sound all
the sounds that you want for you get
together and then create a series of
kits for all the different styles of
playing I suppose and as we go through
the kids they get more and more
which I’m not going to you right now but
I volume of that symbol personalization
some of the songs that you can jam along
with they go something like pretty much
like you a kind of hand keyboard touch
down and I can meet the drum track with
one touch so that I play along with it
that particular one was a terrible
example there are some that I thought to
be better than that let’s just pick one
at random the electronic ones are great
directors with everything relies so
heavily on tempo
I’ll try one more
certainly something for every taste
there but yeah like I said it’s all
about practice and and yeah I’ve tried
quite a few of these electronic drum
kits and sounds that I love in this one
easily the most the touch response is
great in the drums this particular ones
had a bit of seeing a bit of action as
time it’s been quiet played quite a bit
but it seems like a really versatile
good quality kit