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Marine band crossover review

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Marine band crossover review

Hello this is tom from tom and harmonica
lessons calm and I just wanted to do a
little kind of demo review of my new
harmonica which is a hona Marine Band
crossover in the key of C which I’m
massively massively impressed with
that’s why I thought I’d do this little
video about it
so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna talk to
you a little bit about the design the
comfort the playability and the sound so
the design there’s not really anything
massively exciting about it kind of at
first look it’s a classic Marine Band
designers the old tin sandwich so we
have cover plates kind of classic Marine
Band shape


We have reedplate sandwiched in between
them and then a wooden comb but if you
look a little bit closer there are some
things that are pretty cool about it so
the first thing that I really really
like is the cover plates are opened at
the back so that helps you kind of
project a little bit more and get a
little bit more volume then the comb is
actually made out of bamboo
so it’s not going to swell it’s it’s
super super flat sanded so really nice
and airtight so that’s that’s pretty
cool and then the final thing which is
normal for like a marine band deluxe but
not normal for a standard marine band
everything is screwed so it’s really
easy to clean and to service so that’s
cool from the design point of view now
comfort so this is this is something
that I kind of I go between two extremes
of what I like with a harmonica so a lot
of the time you’ll see me I play Suzuki
olives or Hohner golden melodies and
that’s because they’ve got these nice
big smooth cover plates they’re really
really comfortable to play and that’s
the the marine band design there are
some issues with it so I’m going to
start with the negatives before I go on
to the massively positives there is
quite a lot of possibility of catching
that mustache hairs or beard hairs in
the cover plates because of how they
designed their little nooks and crannies
which is why I’m clean-shaven right now
and because there’s nothing quite worse
than doing a glissando with your
harmonica and just catching a little
hair and OH
brings a tear to your eye worst thing
ever so comfort it’s not it’s not the
most comfortable from that point of view
and the other thing is the comb is a
little bit rough on your tongue if your
tongue blocking but only a little bit
apart from that the teeth of the comb
are really nicely kind of rounded which
makes it feel nice and smooth so yeah
those are the only negatives so I got
those out of the way let’s talk about
the playability that’s what’s really
really cool about this so what I wanted
I wanted a harmonica that would be easy
to play out of the box that I didn’t
really need to make any changes to so
that if I was on the road playing in a
different country or whatever I would be
able to go into a local music shop if I
broke a harmonica and buy a harmonica
and it would work for me so that’s why I
will try be cross over and it delivers
massively on this so it’s very airtight
which means it doesn’t need a lot of
effort to play and that also means that
you have access to lots of stuff ulti
when you are playing so that makes the
bends in the lower octave really really
easy and very pleasant so
okay so that that’s that’s a big plus in
the middle octave holds four five and
six set up to over blow I don’t know if
they do this on purpose but but it’s
it’s easy to over blow on them so blue
scale in first position in the middle
octave pops out really nicely that’s
brilliant and then the the blow bends in
the upper octave worked nicely as well
so if you’re playing first position
blues scale up there so I don’t do that
an awful lot twice a little bit squeaky
but it’s all there it’s easy to hit
almost as much as as custom harmonicas
that I’ve had in the past and this is
all out of the box have not done any
tweaking whatsoever so playability is is
huge from that point of view nice and
airtight means that you can play very
lightly and it means that you can play
faster so you can end up doing these
nice kind of that kind of thing quite
quickly which is really cool now final
but most important thing how does it
well to me it sounds fantastic so that
the chords are very nice and open and
rich because it’s been tuned in that
nice open rich bluesy chord way
and it has just a very classic blues
tone so if you want to play some blues
harmonica it sounds brilliant
so it’s it’s kind of got everything that
I want so I think this is this is
definitely a harmonica that I would
recommend most people to go out and try
if you have the opportunity opportunity
to go and buy one and and have a go with
it because I’m massively impressed with
it the reason I bought it in the first
place as a bunch of students started
popping up with them and they were
sounding really good so I had to get my
hands on one so yeah that’s my my una
Marine Band review this is completely
independent of Hohner they don’t know
I’m doing this I’m not in any way
affiliated with them I just thought I’d
share my thoughts about the harmonica
and if you want to find out a little bit
more about about it you can click on the
link in the description below and if you
want to buy your very own you can also
click in the other description on the
other description in the link below and
there’s a little affiliate link which
means that you can buy one and I will
get a small Commission but please do not
feel obliged to do that um I really like
the harmonica so if you want to check it
out and go to your local music store or
whatever do that alright thank you very
much for watching and I will see you
soon for more lessons and more reviews