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Mooer boost pedal review

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Mooer boost pedal review

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Wow patio is a shame we’re here to
review the Mooer pure boost pedal buy more
it’s basically like a gain or volume
boost pedal and I’m playing through the
dirty channel on a blues deluxe reissue
amplifier by fender then I’m playing my
Fender fifty-two Telecaster with Joe
Budden pickups this is my bass tone

pretty sweet say you lucky tone of your
air you get your tone of your amp plus
more more goodness
mm that’s great what can I say it’s good
for rhythm stuff if you want to just get
a bit of a nicer or fatter signal the
rhythm guitar as well
it’s with my volume down
so that was a pure boost pedal by mujer
check it out at the rock garage online
calm day you if you want to contact me
contact me at slash in the
blues or on Google+ check out the
description for all links thanks for
watching leave all your comments below