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Mooer looper review

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Mooer looper review

The more ocean machine is an awesome
ambient drone machine let’s find out
about it. Alright let’s get right to work
and learn how to use the two delays the
reverb and the looper of the ocean
machine to create an underlying ambient
drone and then still have some delays to
add to ambient cords or leaves on top of
the drone alright so first off I’m using
a baritone guitar you can use a standard
standard guitar or a baritone whatever
you have it’ll all be great next up I’ve
got a compressor going in my case the
Wampler ego here’s my dry guitar sound
just a clean fender style if I add the
ego and here’s what I get
just a little more volume and I’m also
squashing the dynamics and giving it the
the tone a little more sustain in from
the ego compressor on going into the
Strymon sunset which is an overdrive
pedal and I’ve got it set up just for a
little bit of distortion just a little

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Okay you can hear it a little bit but
it’s not it’s not a huge overdrive or
anything like that next up I’m actually
going into my amp modeling unit and then
in my stereo effects loop I’ve got first
of all my volume pedal which is my
Morley little alligator and then finally
the more ocean machine so let’s talk
about what I have going on here so as
you look at the patch panel of the ocean
machine you’ll see that first of all I’m
going into a reverse reverb which is
kind of interesting from the reverb I’m
going into two parallel delays delay a
is the tape delay and then delay – or
delay B is a try modulating delay try
mod okay and then last of all I’m going
into the looper of the ocean machine so
let’s listen to each component here is
the reverse reverb

and the main thing to note about that is
that I have the dry signal all the way
out of the reverb next up let’s listen
to the Tri mod delay
okay so we’ve got a ping-pong going we
got modulation going and a fair amount
of repeats let’s go ahead and listen to
the tape delay
okay and when I put both of those delays
together in parallel here’s what I get
all right that’s pretty cool isn’t it so
how do we get the drones alright so what
we’re gonna do is turn all three of the
effects on so I’m going to turn the
reverb delay a and delay beyond and
check this out I’m just gonna play just
a low D
all right so what I’m gonna do is feed
that sound into the looper of the ocean
machine so let’s go ahead and do that
all right I’m in loop mode now I’m gonna
hit the record button for about six
beats and then I’m gonna set it back to
play and this becomes the length of my
loop okay so I did this on a previous
video with the Strymon timeline I’m
using the same exact technique to kind
of pre calculate the loop that is going
to record the drone alright so now I’m
going to turn the loop back on to record
I’ve got all my effects going and I’m
gonna go ahead and use my volume pedal
to play some volume swells so let’s
check it out here
all right so turn off the record there
there’s my loop that’s pretty nice isn’t
it it’s a nice kind of drone going one
of the great things about the ocean
machine is if I exit looper mode to go
back to the patches the loop continues
to play now I’m going to go ahead and
turn off the reverb so I just have the
two delay lines and I’m going to go
ahead and start playing on top of the
drone here we go
oh yeah isn’t that nice
so you’ve got really ethereal drone
because there’s no dry signal in the in
the recording itself it’s just the
reverse reverb combined with the two
delays so it gives you a really nice
smokey cloudy kind of sound that you can
play you’re in this case just chords and
kind of clean notes over and the nice
thing is since since I’ve got the two
different delay types the repeats are
very complex so you get some really nice
effects if you haven’t already done so I
would love it if you would subscribe to
cords of Orion and hit that Bell
I’ve got ambient guitar related content
coming every week and I’d love to have
you on board and part of this awesome
ambient guitar community and as always