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Mooer ocean machine review

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Mooer ocean machine review

Welcome to
another episode of Chavez on the captain
I’m the captain in case anybody wasn’t
sure I am the choppers and apologies
this video is going to be a bit of a
mishmash of some stuff we shot yesterday
and some stuff we shot today because we
were mucking around with this last night
and you were in it
yeah a lot in it and we were getting so
we were getting some cold tones out of
it but I got to the end of it and I
realized that my explanation of it was
was was was poor was it lackluster we
wanted that roster but it was just it
was not concise right concise is the
word it was it was it was insistence he
was less and so I spent a bit more time
with it and now I felt in a better
position so you’re going to see some
playing from yesterday because the
The playing was good but descriptions what
we’re doing weren’t so good so here we
are again with the newer who are the
mujer Devin Townsend signature delay and
reverb pedal called the ocean machine

them in towns and if you’re not familiar
looks like this and he sings and plays
guitar and fills huge arenas with his
wonderful you rock
goodness absolute creative genius master
yes and one of my main vocal Moor Ocean Machine Midi.

Inspirations yeah I doesn’t he’s a bit
out there in the saying it wouldn’t put
him in like a mainstream thing and I
suspect possibly why this kind of a
pedal would be useful to him and I
suspect has probably replaced several
individual pedals on his pedal board so
what is the ocean machine in a nutshell
it is this bit here is a reverb pedal
this bit here is a delay pedal and this
bit here is another delay pedal and used
to its full potential all three of those
effects can be put on can have dialed in
specific parameters and different
versions of them saved as a patch and
recalled so like a multi effects unit in
fact let’s put us into preset mode and
you will see what I mean so that you can
see on the visual aid

so that’s what it’s calling the preset
mode so Matt as I said that’s fairly
typical multi-effects processor stuff
it’s whatever reverb you programmed in
and whatever combination of delays that
you’ve programmed in a recalled at the
touch of one button that rainbow yeah I
absolutely love that

if we take it out of preset mode it
becomes a little bit easier to explain
what each individual effect is doing so
you can see on the display in the middle
you’ve got your delay pedal delay a
delay B reverb and there’s a looper
which I’ll come on to and now what the
buttons do is physically turn the
individual effects on and off so I guess
the first thing to do is let’s just
let’s just look at this as a high
quality reverb yeah it’s a 270-pound
unit so divide that by 3 I guess and
you’re talking about this being a very
very cost effective way of buying a
reverb and to delay pedals so here we go
just I’ve got it set to a whole reverb
and this is what it sounds like

baby Samantha Chapman Melissa vote
Monsieur and I did that wrong didn’t I I
bet Italian bit French she sounds great
so it’s really really easy to edit as
well because it doesn’t really rely on
menu options and parameter you know up
and down any buttons it’s just got four
controls at the top here shimmer decayed
tone and mix and by adjusting those we
change sounds so I could add some
shimmer here we are

as you’d expect it’s got some slightly
weird a tree verbs in here as well so
we’ve got a distorted River thing here
the river it’s got flange reverb bunch
of other reverbs as well that you can
fiddle around with then your two delays
again have got different well they’ve
got three consistent so you get digital
analog and tape options on both amb and
then after that it goes into actually
different types of delays depending on
whether using a or B so again let’s
start with a and just give you a digital

just like me just like the reverb there
again there’s no menu-driven kind of
programming here you’ve just got the
knobs across the top so feedback the
length of the delay tone and the mix and
you get that the same again for delay B
so let’s do some of the we’re more
wonderful ones we’ve got things like
pitch modulated our all sorts of weird
ones you know ha ha ha best thing you
could ever do with a delay

now there’s not there’s no doubt that a
lot of these kind of more crazy delay
pedals are effects that will be would be
really really important that it’s
crafted into your mix and your song one
of you yeah they’re not like oh I fancy
some delay I know I’ll put one of these
crazy rainbow delays on and that would
be cool because it’ll do something weird
to your sound and as you can imagine of
course you have one delay pedal in here
you’ve got two so you could do that for
anything as simple as two delays but
we’ve get you know two digital delays
but with different time signatures on
them so if this you know for example
I’ll set one it say 600 milliseconds and
the other one at 400 or whatever in your
hero so that’s one of the things you can
do we’ve got this running into a mono
rig at the moment yesterday we had it
into stereo if you were in stereo you
can ping pong’ everything obviously
we’re in mono here in Glasgow great
venues great hot in Glasgow that to the
best venues are was called models ghost
area a couple of weirder delays on the
one we’re there but you know modulated
delays and stuff on delay be

you’ll notice that one of the cool
features on this is that the trails will
remain even after I so refer observe
stab you can see now again a lot of
delay pedals with less processing power
as soon as you switch the pedal off the
decay will end immediately on the ocean
machine it’s a menu settings so you can
set them either to be on or off the
trails to be on off
so I can enable tempo to work for either
a delays if I want to so that’s about
everything it’s a it’s a very very
powerful effects unit its MIDI that
could have given us some interesting
options with the hughes & kettner
tubemeister which also has a MIDI option
so I could have done things like assign
certain packages to certain channels if
I’d wanted to go the orders came sort of
make tea could do that

now tom is going into the final image of
the looper now I’m not entirely sure
whether or not the looper has been put
in there as a live thing or whether or
not it’s just for a practice thing but
what I thought was quite cool is I can
enter in and out of the looper mode and
change the effect I can’t believe that
he thought entering a looper mode was
perhaps he does that in his own time
who’s to say what the Dames get up to
when it gets dark so if I going to
Louvre mode there’s only got 44 seconds
of looped ice Roy doesn’t love food I
think so yeah so what I could do for
example is layer up say the first loop
to have a certain type of reverb the set
and then we could overdub maybe with
some different kinds of delays on there
and then we could play over that again
with some different effects on God
we’ve only got 44 seconds but I thought
it was interesting and that’s what I was
playing around with mainly last night
with this idea of layering up loops with
different kinds of effects on them to
see what see what they would do once
we’ve got the loop it’ll do things like
put it into half speed in Reverse mode
which again I suspect a quite specialist
weird effects to do with loops rather
than something you would do every day
when it counts like 1 2 3 4
it’s a really really you know
simple pretty my pretty simple I mean I
guess it’s impossible to make a product
with this much stuff in it and make it
like super intuitive to use but it’s
pretty straightforward to use call
reverbs call delays loads of Devin
Townsend’s the crazy effect if you want
them or just some nice simple I think we
should reload about knowing them the
crazy rainbow thing with a big game
because for me that was like a
mind-blowing experience I will come out
of the looper yeah well that will leave
the reverb on which is the hall reverb
will put you want what so this is my
amazing rainbow is it crystal things

yeah there you go I’ll put a link in the
description below you can find out more
about the ocean machine I think it’s
cool I think it’s cool it’s got plenty
of stuff even got an expression pedal
input so presumably that just opens up
the possibilities of more stuff even
more yeah there we are there are all
thinking ocean machine was the moon the
ocean machine yeah it’s a I guess
because it controls for tidal magnetic
forces that’s what you think
profiling is really wrong a last the
oceans that you’ll do it again means
hollow anyway see you later