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#1 Music Store AfterPay – Awesome Guitars Pianos Instruments

  /  #1 Music Store AfterPay – Awesome Guitars Pianos Instruments

Buy Afterpay Guitars, Drums, Pianos, Keyboards, Pedals, and all instruments in 4 easy instalments right here at Music Specialists!

Among a huge variety of partnering retailers and no interest fees involved, Afterpay offers a pretty enticing payment option.

Here are some of the principal advantages of using Afterpay:

  • Immediate use
  • Seamless unification within the store
  • Fee and interest-free terms
  • Afterpay is not just for online purchases
  • Provides an automatic structure for payment
  • The refund process stays the same
  • A good alternative to using a credit card
  • Sale
  • Ernie Ball Regular Slinky
  • Sale D Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, 12-53
  • Sale BOSS DS1 Distortion Pedal
  • Sale
  • Sale
  • Out Of Stock
  • Ernie Ball Power Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings 11-48 Gauge
  • Sale AUGBLUE

Music Store Afterpay is a new revolutionary way to buy now and pay over

Four equal instalments – entirely interest-free. Shop from our broad range of best-selling vegan and cruelty-free health products from the globe’s most honest brands.
Merely select Afterpay at checkout, create an account using your debit or credit card and get approved instantly.

Select Afterpay at checkout or In-Store ( Using the Afterpay App)
We have thoroughly integrated Afterpay with our checkout.
All you need to do is choose Afterpay as your payment
option when you’re ready to place an order.

Choose how you want to pay your instalments
When you purchase using Afterpay your payments
will be split into four equal instalments each fortnight.
Select your debit or credit card and Afterpay will
set automatic payments for you.

Get approved instantly and securely
Afterpay have made it quick and easy to sign up,
the forms are super short with very little personal information
Required. Afterpay uses merely the bank card you have selected to
process your application instantly.
Enjoy your purchase!
All you need is:
1) An Australian payment card.
2) To be over 18 years of age.
3) To live in Australia
Guitars AfterPay Australia
To see Afterpay’s complete terms click here.

Guitars AfterPay

The Music Specialists have Guitars Afterpay if you can qualify for a few things. Check out our FAQ below.

Afterpay allows consumers to buy your new guitar now and pay later by charging them if they fail to make their payments on time. This is beneficial since there are no large upfront charges involved but only an interest rate which depends on how late one pays back his/her loan including fees charged per day.

A delay in making repayments. Despite this benefit, Guitar and instrument shoppers should be aware that after using Afterpay up to four times without paying anything off may lead One Direction Credit Union Ltd., who provide loans through debit cards issued from American Express International Incorporated (Amex) as well as other banks such as St George Bank Limited.

  • Sale ESP LTD EC 256
  • Sale Placeholder
  • Sale Tokai 'Traditional Series' TB-65 T-Bird Style Bass Guitar (Snow White)

Afterpay FAQ

Does Afterpay cost anything to use?

NO! From your end as the customer, Afterpay has NO admin or interest charges. You will simply pay for your item and any shipping costs with 4 easy payments over an 8 week period.

How do I pay with Afterpay on Music Specialists?

Simply select Afterpay at the checkout – Afterpay is fully integrated, so all you need to do is choose Afterpay as your payment option when you’re ready to buy.

What cards can i use with Afterpay?

You can use either a debit or credit card with Afterpay. Simply select your card when prompted and they will schedule automatic payments for you.

When do I pay?

Afterpay splits your payments over four equal instalments due every fortnight.

Can I pay some cash and the rest on Afterpay?

No, as Afterpay are the mediators of the transaction, the whole amount of a sale must be processed in one transaction through Afterpay.

I accidentally paid via PayPal/Credit Card, can I change it and pay with Afterpay?

No problems! If the goods have left the store then you must first repurchase the item through Afterpay before we can issue a refund on your initial purchase. Refunds may take 2-3 business days to arrive in your account.

How can I determine my approval limit?

You can contact Afterpay on 1300 100 729 to determine what your limit amount is.

Why is my order not being approved?

Afterpay does not approve 100% of orders. Afterpay is committed to ensuring they support responsible spending. When determining which orders to approve, Afterpay considers a number of different factors. As an example, the longer you have been a shopper using Afterpay and the more orders you have successfully repaid, the more likely you will be able to spend more.

  • Afterpay sets its limit amount for the customer, not Macron Music. First-time customers may find they are not approved on limits over $250, and you may find purchasing items over $800 limited to customers who have a record of large Afterpay purchases
  • Insufficient funds on your card (Afterpay generally looks to see 25% of the order value available to spend)
  • Is this your first Afterpay purchase? (Afterpay has a smaller limit for new customers and is tighter in the first 6 weeks – the longer you shop with Afterpay, the higher your limit will reach (max $2000 AUD))
  • Do you have other outstanding payments with Afterpay already? If so, it may help to pay some off (not a guarantee)

What to try if your transaction is not approved with Music Store AfterPay?

  • Decrease the value of the order you are trying to place, it may help to make smaller purchases to build up your buying power with Afterpay Adding a credit card may increase your spending power (not a guarantee)
  • Limit the number of orders you currently have ‘open’ with Afterpay (not a guarantee)

What Musical instruments can I purchase using AfterPay?

  • Guitars
  • Pianos & Keyboards
  • Drums
  • Effects Pedals
  • Pa Equipment
  • Amplifiers
  • Microphones
  • Music accessories
  • Bass Guitars
  • Basically, everything in our Music Store can be purchased with ZipPay and AfterPay.

Consumers are capable to set up and use their Afterpay account straight away, rather than go through the lengthy application processes you might experience when taking out a loan to buy your guitar, piano, keyboard or instrument.

All you need to enter is your phone, email, payment, and address details to sign up. Afterpay currently accepts Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards distributed in Australia.

What Instruments can I buy using AfterPay?

You can purchase just about anything as long as you qualify.

  • Dj Equipment & Dj Headphones
  • Electric Guitars
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Ukulele’s
  • Digital Piano’s
  • And all Musical instruments