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Nux mighty 15 amp review

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Nux mighty 15 amp review

New x mighty light bt
and the new x mighty air
this is not a video comparing the specs
there’s already
lots and lots and lots of videos about
what these things do what they
um the features they have so i’m not
going to contribute much
by posting another one of those videos
what i would like to compare is the
between these two i noticed in these
days playing both of them back back and
even though there’s a big difference in
hardware and
spec so for example the mighty the
mighty light
has a one single three inch
speaker whereas the wireless mighty air
has two stereo two inch speakers
and a base port to kind of give us
a little bit more bass response um and
this one’s rated for 4 watts
and this one’s rated for 10 watts
i found the volume comparison to be
more equal than than i anticipated so
what we’re going to do to show you guys
we’re going to
just go back and forth a b with a
quarter volume
quarter gain on the clean channel
uh quarter here quarter here and we’ll
just go back and forth
increasing uh to half and then three
quarters and then we’ll max it out
and you guys can do um you know make
your own decisions i’ll give you my
impressions as to how it feels in the
if you’d if um if it doesn’t come
through the camera
um that clearly so we’ll we’ll use a
cable instead of the wireless
feature just so it’s you know fair
comparison here so here’s the mighty
um mighty uh bt
on quarter gain quarter
volume if you’re curious i’m using just
a telecaster with a neck pickup with
everything maxed out
sorry for not tuning anyway all right
switch over to the mighty

so a lot quieter compared this one’s way
quieter than this guy
at the same volume level okay
let’s go ahead
go to half volume half gain
here by the way if anyone’s wondering or
if anyone knows
on the blut on this model you just have
this model you have clean but you can
choose between three different app
the one that i’m using is the uh the
twin reverb kind of fendery
sort of sound which i think sounds
closer to this one
it’s not my favorite but it’s one that
i’m using i’ll talk about that more
okay half and half
the wireless half volume
way quieter strange supposed to be a
big difference you know again three or
four watts
and then 10 watts okay so far i’m not
hearing it
let’s crank it up to three quarters
on both amps three quarters
very loud too loud for an apartment
same thing
well so far the 10 watt
stereo is a lot quieter
let’s crank it all the way
yeah super loud angry neighbors for sure
probably clipping the mic too sorry
not comparable interesting
so you guys tell me
am i doing something wrong in my
settings maybe it’s the app itself but
it’s pretty obvious pretty clear that um
this one is way louder
that being said this one here has a
different sound quality to it
it sounds a lot more fuller kind of
definitely perceives to be a better
sound quality but
for volume um i don’t understand how
how this is supposed to be so much
so much more powerful so much more
louder and and
clearly i mean you watch the video it’s
not so you guys tell me am i doing
something wrong
or is this something that you guys also
have noticed
um with either of these amps so again
thanks for the
thanks for the view go ahead and comment
if you wish and like the video
and see you later