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Peavey 6505 review

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Peavey 6505 review

Welcome to our new room another new room
yeah just next door to the other room
and we will alternate don’t give it away
next thing they might have thought that
we had like two entirely separate
locations like different countries or
something like that and it would’ve been
really exciting we definitely don’t have
that I like this room.

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I liked the other room dear little
bit well and we’ll get bored of this
room and we’re lacking in a new remember
this is the acid test like I can’t look
look you know I can still smell you
though because we’ve got peavey 6505 if I were
five plus through the Plus put Louis um
so look we did a demo recently of the
little peavey 6505 mini head which this case
was almost a back to front way of doing
these demos wasn’t it because what a
little Lobster the the daddy you know
the daddy that took over really from
when the 5150 left the PB fold and went
on to do its own thing they essentially
continued to sort of make that amplifier
under a rebranded slightly restyled
and called the 6505
you know what Lee if you were ever
looking for a 120 watt mega metal rock
head yes this could fulfill your this
dream probably a better one absolutely
so the plus the little plus on the end
signifies more gain because it has an
extra preamp tube in the in the gain
stage more control of the amplifier
because it’s got more EQ per each
channel and pre and post game which you
will see in a sweep right now and of
course a gargantuan 120 watts of pure
valve fill which i think is absolutely
required for those crystal clean
Headroom clean tones that everyone that
gets the sound well it’s going to want
it we’ve talked about this a lot before
anyway there are when you talk about
classic high gain sounds there are game
sounds where the power section is pushed
massively that gives you that slightly
more compressed I know that has a brown
sound you know but that’s sort of that
driven kind of compressed tone and then
there are other more modern tones so you
know if you think about all through that
sort of 90s new metal kind of thing also
where the gain was all very preamp
generated and you still had lots of
clarity in the power section you know
big ringing bass notes and things like
that because the power section was
massive so you know you dual rectifiers
and your triple rectifiers and your this
kind of thing so your hundred and twenty
was it’s not about being you know
nuclear war loud it’s a it’s just about
creating the type of tone that this amp
is designed to do me a cake and it was
actually bit of peanuts because somebody
ate my is somebody a cake so what it was
just me I brought cake I bought nobody
they don’t see really six cakes between
five people thinking I’ve got a pretty
good chance of getting a cake myself to
go through it and so yeah even though I
went walked all the way to the shops
paper at my own money obviously you
don’t need to clicks or one cake so
Ribeira is now known as Billy two cakes
yeah and I need to come up with a name
for Robert
you EE well that’s enough jibber-jabber
didn’t that Jimmy could have been
jamming jamming on some penises homes
it’s everything you want a so
rockmetteller really it’s just
everything that they started with the
original 5150 yeah there’s just nothing
wrong with that time let me try
call tapping and backing off the volume
that’s beautiful
got some bolt isn’t it yes and we’re not
even on the naughty channel yet so hello
this is Jin Chun today and I believe you
can foot switch between that sort of
that basic clean and crunch tone on the
rhythm channel then of course we can
foot switch over to the lead channel
which some people will use as you know
full bore lead solos and other people
are just use as a heavier rhythm channel
again so don’t touch anything sounding
really really chunky and choppy so
that’s like kind of gentle
sounds great now we’ve got the base
control and the mid control little
slightly lower than halfway and the high
on halfway a little middle this is
everything right in the middle
both channels have the resonance and
presence control so if we start to dial
these in the things going to go fatter
than a full fat I’ll chug and you add
Wow so that’s the 6505 plus
interestingly it’s actually slightly
sort of lower featured if you like or
less featured than the mini head and the
6505 combo when it comes to some of the
rear panel options and I suspect that
that’s because P we were very conscious
of the fact they didn’t want to sort of
mess with the original kind of formula
if you like that made this amplifier
sound right so if you’re looking for
some of the options like the speaker
emulated outputs that you’ve got on the
on the mini head yes you do get them on
on on the 6500 5 plus combo but you
don’t get them on the 6505 plus that’s
Ashram oh um should we have a little uh
you get you get effects loop on this you
get effects loop on this
so he says reading from his notes on the
oh and I’ve got reverb built into this
which you don’t have built into this so
should we get some times on this one do
it bro so here’s my 6505 hourglass
yeah I I must admit it’s got the kind of
characteristic of the 6505 head in terms
of its basic gain structure but it’s
quite clearly a more boxy sound because
of the you know we only got a single
speaker in a smaller cabinet I can try
and compensate but boxy like a boxy tone
though I know boxy maybe yeah
it’s just got a 1 by 12 Tony yeah
now a powerful sound we can go to the
crunch sound which again seems just like
a boosted clean
it’s very pokey this guitar so I’m kind
of I don’t have the gain turned up very
high it’s a pokey guitar and then the
lead channel which again I can do for my
foot switch if I want to
that sounded amazing yeah and if it just
is desperate to go into kind of feedback
isn’t it we got some of those feedback e
tones in the jam that Rob and I do a bit
like palm-muted um
and such does that really well
that’s the sound isn’t it they kind of
almost created with the original 5150
and probably why the original 5150 s are
still so populating it what’s the price
though the price a the price say it’s
quite a quite a difference between the
terms I should say this is half the
power of this one as well so it has a
couple of 6l6 is in the power section
which is going to give you sixty odd
watts so something like this is going to
cost you somewhere around about the sort
of seven or eight hundred pound mark
don’t know what that converts to in
dollars but that’s you’re including v80
english price or UK price and then the
6500 five plus is about fourteen hundred
pounds and then have you priced for a
heavy piece of gear yeah and there
aren’t there obviously is that there’s
the regular 6505 so the non plus version
and I believe there’s a 212 version of
this combo and of course there is the
mini head which if you’re thinking I
like those tones but can’t quite stretch
to this kind of budget and don’t need
someone that will demolish walls when I
turn it on kind of a bit of a look of
like a bit of a pv flagship really I
mean as far as I’m concerned the 65 or
550 150 those amplifiers sit in a place
way like a J same 800 ya solo from
Soldano kind of your bougie yeah the day
rectifier they have there that there are
I cannae
and you’re doing on the thing and this
is definitely your new logo light up I
don’t get it on up know what I really
want further fail I’ve got the lips PD
logo on mine no good but it does do it
does do does do good sound so yeah
I have a little Chopin or Les Paul in
that combo yeah I’ll do right right
through there I don’t want to hear the
combo man I want to hear the comma man
combo man I’d you know what I think I
know you want to hear the combo but I I
kind of think I want to hear the head
just for it hold on heads
it’s the 6505 head tails it’s the combo
we’re on the other channel a faction of
the North Channel
oh let’s put you on standby all right
stand by now be your friend we can make
videos all dominate YouTube dominate me
maybe your you jus little pony I’m gonna
feed you
Oh Chaplin and I’ve been in another
dimension dimension I’m sorry it’s cuz
I’ve had two cakes he’s like okay okay
virtually as seriously probably am
diabetic Oh bye bye
good attention plus an engine
it’s all British