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Peavey classic 30 review

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Peavey classic 30 review

  • Sale Peavey 30 watt amp Out Of Stock

today folks my name’s Shane welcome to
the in the Blues Channel today we’re
checking out the black version of the
Peavy classic 30 a huge thanks to my
friend Dave for letting me borrow this
we were both looking at it on eBay and
he was the one that actually want it so
congratulations Dave I’m spewing but you
know that’s just one of those things
thanks for letting me borrow it this
particular amplifier is pretty much
exactly the same as the regular tweed
version except it’s in black tweed and
it looks pretty cool in my opinion the
black looks awesome.

It’s loaded with a 12-inch blue Marvel
speaker so their stock pv speaker and it
also combines 30 watts of power going
into ela t force as well as 12 ax7 zazz
preamp tubes in terms of the valves /
tubes in the back it’s very similar to a
box but that’s it it doesn’t really
sound like a box it definitely has way
more mids than that so we’re going to
check this out both clean and dirty with
a couple of different guitars and then
we’ll also try it with some pedals as
well I hope you like this video Dave
thanks again for lending it to me man
absolutely appreciate it
so like this video please give it a
thumbs up let’s get into it
all right let’s kick this off I’m
playing my 52 reissue Telecaster with a
set of MJS custom pickups we’re gonna
start on the neck pickup into the clean
channel with the volume on the clean at
about 3 and a half here we go
Brij yeah now the boost switch on
same settings on Nick pickup on a strat
and now the boost currently off
over the bridge pick out
Bustan I’m not sure what it is but to my
ear the boost actually sounds way more
musical on a classic thirty than it does
on a PV Delta blues I’ve grown two Delta
blues over the years with a single 15
and I used to leave that off all the
time but let me know your thoughts on
that as well / – the dirty channel of
the amp now I’ve got the post and the
master volume for the dirty channel up
at 12 o’clock so it’s half way up let’s
give this a go
yeah man that’s awesome now with some
delay thanks to the chilly
yeah over to the PRS SE and I’ve just
cranked up the gain on the amplifier
let’s give this a shot Nick pick up
now with the first switch on and now
it’s in delay
thanks for watching my name’s Shane I
hope you enjoyed this video please let
me know your thoughts on the tone of
this in the comments below I really
appreciate that if you already own a
classic 30 please let me know your
thoughts of it I had so many requests to
demo one of these it’s funny because two
of my really good friends both got them
around the same time and I missed out
but I shouldn’t complain too much
because I managed to pick up two
different PV ends so it doesn’t really
matter I’m thinking what I might also do
is compare the classic 32 the Studio Pro
112 they both have a pretty similar sort
of sized cabinet as well as probably
being around the same audible volume so
check back for more don’t forget to
subscribe and that video will be on its
way soon thanks again for watching folks
and I’ll catch you all on the next one