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Peavey minimax 500 review

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Peavey minimax 500 review

At Sweetwater gear Fest 2016 here to
talk about the brand new PV minimax 500
bass amplifier this is an amazing piece
of technology 500 watts RMS into 4 ohms
and a really lightweight 5 pound package
this is a great amp for someone who
wants a simple feature set with a great
full rounded bass tone we’ve got active
and passive inputs we’ve got a gain
control here as well as simple 3 band EQ
with a punch switch and a bright switch
and exclusive to PV is a technology
called psycho acoustics which is
actually a way to trick the brain into
thinking there’s more low in and really

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this increases Headroom by a huge factor
and allows you to get the same bass tone
as you would normally get with the bass
cranked at about half way so less
fatigue on the speakers and much greater
Headroom also built into the minimax 500
as a as a chromatic tuner very handy
when you’re gigging as well as an
auxilary input for listening in the
headphones with some source material did
you practice also excludes the PV in the
minimax 500 the power switch is backlit
and includes a feature called DDT or
distortion detection technique which
will monitor the output of the amplifier
and if it senses any clipping whatsoever
will limit soft linn at the output to
protect both your speakers and the
amplifier and your tone on the back
panel we have some great giggling a
direct interface with a pre and post EQ
switch and ground lift as well as an
effects loop and – twist lock outputs
for running your speaker cabinets 500
watts RMS is plenty of power for most
stages that you’ll find and the minimax
really delivers the goods it also comes
with a carry bag so you can carry your
cables and your picks and your amp in at
one time in the bag and this is
available now through Sweetwater so
please contact your Sweetwater sales
engineer for more