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Peavey raptor custom review

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Peavey raptor custom review

Okay hopefully short and sweet video
about my TV Raptor plus not going to go
over all the details just the more
distinctive features of this guitar than
I do into the tones one of the unique
aspects is instead it has the dual
action truss rod but for adjustment
instead of access through the headstock
or with an Allen wrench through here PB
has what they call a wreckless
adjustment wheel the neck is perfectly

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I haven’t messed with that
adjustment wheel but just for your
information there it is the pickups
three single coils to controls
tone and volume the pickups are
distinctive as well Peavy calls this the
wide top single coil pickups meaning
that these wide top pull piece single
coils that’s what they call meaning that
the these individual pull pieces in each
pickup are wider there a larger diameter
than the pull pieces in vendor type
strats I have a measured
I’ll take bb’s word for it okay and
tremolo bridge but this one is Dec so
for all intents and purposes it’s like a
hard tail strap no criminal action here
the tone control does not affect the

so we’ll go through the five different
pickups elections one to five rich rich
middle middle alone bridge or middle and
neck pickup and then

fail to mention that the ant that I’m
playing through is a Vox Pathfinder 15
I’ll have the settings down in the
description below that’s it