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Peavey vypyr 100 review

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Peavey vypyr 100 review

Hey everybody
just me again wayne now by the time
you see this video i might or might not
have posted
a video about how i fixed my pv viper 75
which abruptly stopped working
it had a fuse that had gone bad which
apparently is sort of a common problem
at least on that first line of pv vipers
and after i got it fixed it sounded just
as good as it ever did
and yet i have never been entirely happy
with the sound that it makes and it’s
got a lot of variations but i’ve
never been able to quite get the sound
that i want and maybe that’s partly
there are so many amazing guitar tones
out there that

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Who knows what i want but when i hear a
guitar sound that just
really blows me away i do know that and
i know i haven’t been able to get it
for my pv viper so i thought
within my budget which isn’t that great
let’s get a different amplifier and what
you’re about to see now
is the first of two parts of my deciding
what amplifier to get now i’m a pv guy
from way back
my first guitar amplifier that made lots
of sound was a pv bandit 65
and i still have it it still works just
fine as a backup amp
and then i went to my pv viper 75
and uh in the middle there there was a
brief period with the pv
bandit 65 paired with the marshall
and that that didn’t last very long that
so i thought well if i’m going to get a
new amp
let’s go to pv first so i did my
and ordered me a pv viper
vip2 let’s see have the vip2
and the viper 75 stack up against each
now this isn’t an amp shootout as it
this is just a quick demonstration so on
your right is the pv viper 75
on your left is the much newer pv
viper vip2 for comparison i thought it
would be most
fair to set them both to emulate the
same amplifier
and put the tone settings and effect
settings exactly the same
so on both the setting is at the 6505
which is pv’s
version of the 5150 amplifier that they
first made for eddie van halen
no effects not even any reverb or delay
pre-gain is all the way up
post gain is at about nine o’clock
lows are all the way up mids
all the way down highs at about the
three o’clock position
and i’m using the master volume to
the volume between the two amplifiers so
here is how the same chord progression
and just a little bit of lead work
very little because i suck at it sounds
on each of these amplifiers
we’ll start with the viper 75.
so am i going to
swap out my viper 75 for the vip2
no no i’m not because
although the vip2 does have some pretty
cool features i like its ability to
several different instruments it doesn’t
emulate them particularly well in my
humble opinion
also while the different amplifier
that the vip2 imitates
while the imitations sound i think a
little more genuine
than they do on the viper 75 on the
i don’t think that the vip2
necessarily sounds better
than the viper 75. now it doesn’t sound
bad and if you’re in the market
for something that’s really cheap
surprisingly loud for 40 watts and very
and you know has a pretty wide range of
stuff i mean the effects are cool
you you couldn’t hardly go wrong with
the vip2
but although
i do hear a difference in the sound
between the two amplifiers
and i’ve played on them a lot more than
just the little
sample that that we’ve done here i hear
a difference in the sound
but it’s more of a quantitative
difference than a qualitative difference
or to put it another way they do sound a
little different
but i don’t think that the vip2 sounds
it doesn’t sound better on enough
different amplifier models
that to me it’s a reasonable jump to go
from one viper to another
so i think all as far as vipers go i’m
going to stick with my
viper 75.
now with the vip2
out of the running however that leaves
two more amplifiers to
choose between i chose the two that
have come most highly recommended online
in general
and just from correspondence and
comments with other folks that i know
let’s take a look at those on your left
i’m sure you recognize
the boss katana 100
on your right the black star id
core 100 these are the two amplifiers
that we’re going to examine next in the
next video
so please come back for that