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Peavey vypyr vip 3 review

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Peavey vypyr vip 3 review

Hi rich dumpster up here with PV electronics here at the full compass to show you the new Peavey vypyr vip 3 amp the VIP stands for variable instrument performance so what’s truly innovative about this guitar amp is that you can plug acoustic guitars into this you’ll get six acoustic amp models or bass get
six bass amp models but still get the 24 great guitar and models you’ve come to
to know through the Viper series so that I can tell you a story a little bit about the Peavey vypyr vip 3 series the trans tube series that’s been around for many years was invented back in the mid-90s there’s a circuit there called trans tube which mimics the characteristics of an asymmetrical clipping tube a hot tube that thing as guitar players really like.

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So actually the front end of this
amplifier the amplifier models are all
analog so trans tube is an analog
circuit that allows this amp to really
feel and sound like a tube amp I’ve got
some some presets I’d like to show you I
also want you to know that we’ve got a
reference mic set up about 6 feet away
from the front of the amplifier so
hopefully that’s going to catch
everything that’s that’s coming out of
the amp so the interface on the new PV
Viper VIP is very similar actually to
the old Viper
we call it WYSIWYG what you see is what
you get and it works just like any other
architecture of any other Guitar Rig
you’ve ever played through your guitar
is going to go into a stomp box and we
have stomp boxes located on this knob
you turn this decoder and you’re going
to find all kinds of stomp boxes the
amplifiers are located here so turn this
knob and you’re gonna find your
amplifiers you may have an effect in
your effects loop and that’s what this
this knob here does so turn this and put
a chorus in your effects loop or
whatever you’d like to have in the
effects loop on the Viper you always
have full time delay and reverb so that
is a parameter that you can edit anytime
you enter into edit mode and I’ll show
you how to do that in just a little bit
but what’s really great about this
amplifier when you use it with the same
pair of foot pedal is that you’re able
to use these all as regular stomp boxes
so you can stomp your stomp box
and off you can stop your effects loop
on and off as you’d like to so we’re
gonna set up some some presets here and
I’m going to show you a little bit about
how this amplifier works with the foot
switch so the VIP is actually 25 effect
models built into it as well as 36 ant
models so what I like to do is show you
the the effects that we have on the the
stompbox encoder which start right here
and just by turning this knob I can go
through all of the stomp boxes that are
in the Viper this is the the clean boost
we’ve got an analogue flange a phase an
auto wha chorus we’ve got compression
fuzz and this time around we’ve actually
included some some monophonic sounds
into the amp there’s a there’s a couple
of synth sounds an electric violin a new
effect called slicer which is a lot of
fun to play around with and then we’ve
also included some some neat little I
call them virtual instruments they’re
actually 12 string acoustic sounds sitar
bass baritone lots of little sounds that
you can pick up on and use either on the
gig or during you’re doing your
recording so the stop box is located
there the amplifiers start here of
course we can’t have a pv amp without a
6505 model now the the electric guitar
amps are a little bit different this
time the old amp had 12 amps with a
green clean and a red dirty a little bit
different this time we’ve got eight
amplifiers with three channels each the
green channel is clean
the orange channel the middle channel is
sort of a gritty channel not
over-the-top overdrive and then the red
channel of course is the the
flamethrower channel so as indicated on
the VIP 3 this is the hundred watt with
the LCD anytime we want to change a
channel on an amplifier we just press
that button right there and it changes
the channel but first let me show you
the amps that we have in here the 6505
of course got to have that 65 34 which
is pv 6505 instead of six l6 tubes have
got a l34 tubes and that one for more of
a British feel there’s the Brit
there’s the
the Buddha which is one of my personal
favorites I really like that one the
classic 50 the twn you probably know
what that is a xxx and as I mentioned
earlier one of the truly innovative
features of this amplifier is that you
can plug an acoustic guitar into this
and it’ll be an acoustic entry so we
have the pv e kuu sticks delineated by e
co u then we’ve got trace which are
trace acoustic we can also plug in a
base P bass means pv base T base means
trace base so we’re able to get six
acoustic amp models six bass amp models
and 24 guitar and models let’s take a
listen to some of these amps so for the
purposes of this demo I’m going to be
using the PV auto-tuned guitar the 8200
make sure you ask your full compass
sales pro about this guitar it’s also
here at full compass so for the first
sound I’ve got setup I just got a couple
of sounds that I use on the gig and
there’s a bit of clean sound no effects
just just clean

so when I’m using the sand pair of foots
foot switch I am actually able to set up
every parameter on every patch that I’ve
created so on this clean sauna I have a
compressor as my stop box and I’ve got a
chorus set up in my effects loop and
again delay and reverb are always on so
with the same pair of foot pedal I can
click out of manual mode and just go
into stomp box mode so now I can click a
chorus on and off as I want to I can add
delay and the cool thing is with the
sant para I can tap tempo my delay

Reverb on/off and the right expression
pedal can be used as a law so if I
depress all the way down it has a switch
just like a regular wah peddle would
have the left pedal is my volume and in
my toe that down it gives me access to
the Viper’s tutor which is great on the
LCD screen because I can see exactly
what I’m doing
mid song if I need to okay so that’s one
of the clean sounds I’ve got set up as I
said rambling on earlier the the Buddha
is actually one of my favorite amps
that’s built into this boot is a
boutique amplifier that’s got some
really great clean sound some really get
great dirty sounds it’s a very
unforgiving amplifier but it sounds
fantastic modeled here in the VIP

now one of the things I like to do with
the with the Vipers including the old
Vipers is use a clean boost in front of
some of the some of the amps and it
sounds just like it went through a tube
amp it warms it up gives you that little
extra push that you’d like to like to
you have on you when you play leads and
it’s no different with this amplifier so
I can I’ve got a clean booth set up in
front of my Buddha

turn that on and off and when you use
the rotary there’s there’s a rotary
speaker sounded here the old Leslie
sound used to have a pedal that would
vary the speed this amp does the same
thing that’s a lot of fun so there’s
there’s some other effects that are in
the in the unit that we need to go
through as well
a couple of other amps I want to show
you the classic 50 is of course a
classic PV amplifier it’s been around
for years and it’s very recognizable

and of course the PV 6505 we definitely
want to make sure we have a good 6505
model and this is a I think a pretty
good sounding amplifier for someone
who’s playing heavy metal this is
actually not even the red channel on the
6505 this is the middle channel

so you can see these these effects are
very analog sounding very fat sounding
effects they work great for any style of
music we can do country we can do hard
rock we can do very heavy metal if you’d
like it’s all here in the pv VIP so the
pv viper VIP series there’s three models
that we have available right now the VIP
one which is a 20 watt comes with
everything it has two acoustic amp
models two bass amp models the VIP two
which is a forty water has all of the
the features I just showed you the same
as the VIP 3 which is the hundred watt
those are all available in shipping now
there are two foot switches that we have
available I’ve showed you today the the
San para two which is the full board but
there’s a there’s a half board called
the San para one you don’t get all the
functionality that you get with the with
the big foot switch something I wanted
to mention to you as well you’re gonna
need the foot switch if you’d like to
access the 30 second looper either foot
switch will do that but there’s 30
seconds of loop time that is not
accessible from the front panel
so you’ll need a foot switch to get to
that 30 second looper a couple of other
things that the foot switch does when
you use the foot switch you’ve got 400
presets that you’re going to have access
to you’ve got a total of 71 editable
parameters in this amplifier 36 amp
models 25 effects there are 10 onboard
instrument models as well we spoke we
spoke about that a little bit earlier
what I’d like to do for you now is show
you how the amplifier sounds with an
acoustic guitar with my 8200 I’m
actually able to turn this into an
acoustic guitar which I’ll do now
a little more volume
what the app does automatically whenever
you want it to be an acoustic amp or a
bass amp pretty much always sets the pre
gain down to almost zero that’s the
guitar amp asking you what are you
plugging in to me is this going to be a
high output active or something passive
with with a lower output but if you play
with the pre gain knob you’re able to
dial in whatever you’re plugging in

and yes you can use this as a bass amp
as well and what I can do is I can dial
up a little bass amp sound and I’m going
to turn my 8200 into a bass the same
sort of thing the pulse gains down that
wants to know what I’m plugging into it
give it a little more punch post-game so
you can see the amplifier does a lot of
different sounds you plug a bass into it
sounds fantastic plug-in acoustic guitar
it really sounds good doing that as well
it’s a lot of versatility going on here
another feature I want to talk about is
the USB interface on the front of the
amplifier the USB interface actually
isn’t in in and out if you buy the
amplifier plug it into your computer and
go to Peavey’s website you’ll find a
really hip forum that we have set up
where you can get lessons you can get
backing tracks you can get presets there
really is a very nice community that
that is already getting on board with
vipre and learning all the cool things
that this amplifier will do thank you
for watching the video on the Peavey vypyr vip 3 guitar amplifier for more
information go to full
or contact your sales pro here at full
compass to get all the lowdown on the
new VIP guitar amps thanks for watching