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Guitar Cases & Gig Bags

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Why Are Guitar Cases & Gig Bags Important?

Guitar Cases & Gig Bags protect your guitar. Guitar cases are more than just a form of storage. They also act as an additional barrier between the outside world and your instrument. Guitar cases come in various shapes and sizes.

Guitar Bag vs Cases

Gig bags are less bulky than hard-shell cases but protect against bumps and scratches depending on their size, structure, thickness etc.

Gig bags offer less protection, they are the better option in some circumstances. Because they weigh less than harder cases and furnish abundant storage space for Guitar accessories, they’re a prominent selection for travel that’s short and carries less risk.

We have a supreme range of bags, from guitar gig bags, pedal bags, drum bags and keyboard bags. We offer all different sizes to suit our customer’s needs. Our guitar bags come in two different levels of quality.

These carry bags are a good way to transport your items for the travelling musician, who doesn’t need the bulk of a hard case.