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  • Sale ProMark Hickory 5A Nylon Tip drumstick
  • Sale ProMark H-Rods Hot Rods
  • Sale ProMark Hickory 7A Wood Tip drumstick
  • Sale ProMark Hickory 7A Nylon Tip drumstick
  • Sale ProMark Hickory 5B Wood Tip drumstick
  • Sale ProMark Hickory 5B Nylon Tip drumstick
  • Sale ProMark Hickory 5A Wood Tip drumstick

What are the best drum sticks?

Drumsticks are a big part of your drumming setup. Using the right sticks can work wonders for your playing. Many people choose to use cheap sticks, which is their choice, and everyone has different tastes, but if you want great-sounding drums, make sure you grab some decent pairs of sticks (or mallets if you’re into that sort of thing).


How to hold drum sticks?

Hold the stick in your dominant hand near the top of it with your thumb and index finger. The bottom of the stick should rest on your ring finger, but don’t get too detailed on this. That would be a good starting point for you when you hold a pencil up to about 12 inches from your face. Depending on your hand size, you might want to have the stick a little lower or higher. The tips of the sticks should naturally point downwards to about 45 degrees, but again this is not set in stone.


Where can I buy drum sticks?

Like most musical equipment, you can buy your sticks in music stores or online retailers. If you live anywhere near a major city, you should be able to pick up some Remo drum sticks at Guitar Center for around $5-$10, though I would recommend spending the extra few bucks and getting something much better (but that’s just my opinion). For the best possible drum sticks, you will have to go online. But be sure to read reviews and get a decent idea of what people think about them before buying any expensive pairs.


What kind of drum sticks are good?

When choosing a type of stick, you have many options. You can get wooden, metal, plastic, drum mallets, etc. The choice is up to you and the style of music you play. If you play jazz or smooth ballads, go with wood or plastic. If you play metal, go with these stainless steel sticks or these gum rubber-coated nylon sticks.