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What does a guitar tuner Pedal do?
A guitar tuner is a device that measures the frequencies produced by vibrating strings on an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. It then aligns those measurements with notes on a scale. If the frequencies match a particular note, the tuner will display the name of that note on an LED display.

We have Tuners in Stock such as:


Welcome to the new era of guitar tuning. The FlexTune clip-on guitar tuner allows you more flexibility than any other tuner on the market. Quickly change tunings in any situation and keep on rocking.


Keep your low-end up to snuff with the FlexTune clip-on Bass Guitar tuner. The perfect bass tuner for your favorite chords all the way along the fretboard. From thump to slap, and growl to boom, use the FlexTune clip-on tuner and never lose the groove.


The FlexTune clip-on Guitar Tuner is the perfect tuner for ukuleles, banjos, violins, and more! Make sure your instruments always sound their best by keeping your strings in tune with the FlexTune clip-on tuner.

Playing the guitar is hard. It’s even harder when you’re trying to tune your instrument, but you can’t find a tuner at home or on stage.

We all know that playing the guitar is fun and relaxing, but it’s really frustrating when we don’t have access to a tuner.

Our epic and accurate Guitar Tuners and pedals for tuning solve these problems by letting us tune our guitars anywhere we go! This also makes learning how to play the guitar more accessible because it allows us to learn new songs and practice without having an expensive piece of equipment in front of us!

How to Tune the Guitar and BOSS TU-3 Chronomatic Tuner Review

Clip-On Tuners Australia

What is Clip on Guitar Tuner?

A Clip-On Tuner is a small device that attaches to the headstock of your guitar and helps you tune your instrument quickly and accurately. Most clip on tuners use vibration or sound to determine the pitch of your notes, so they work well even in noisy environments.

Many guitar players find clip-on tuners helpful for tuning in between songs or during a break. Clip-on tuners are also great for quickly checking the tuning of your guitar if you’re not sure how it’s supposed to sound.