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<i>The 20th Century</i> series presents music by some of the greatest composers of the modern era, composers who wrote a full range of music for orchestra, voices, piano and chamber ensembles, in the great and large forms. But they also valued music education, and composed interesting music to foster a stdent pianist’s progress. The pieces by these composers lead a student not only to technical proficiency, but also to become a more fully formed, imaginative musician. When a great talent turns attention to writing a short piece of limited difficulty level for students, it is approached with the same aesthetics, temperament, tastes and creative invention applied when composing a symphony, opera or concerto. These exquisite miniatures are complete works of timeless art. Through them a master musician of the past indirectly teaches a progressing musician of the present and the future.<br><br>Contents: <b>Bart&oacute;k</b>: Peasant Song from <i>Ten Easy Pieces</i> &bull; selections from <i>The First Term at the Piano</i>: Stepping Stones, Invention I, Parallel Lines, Legato and Staccato, Dialogue I, Dialogue II, Dialogue III, Follow the Leader, Short and Long Legato &bull; <b>Kabalevsky</b>: selectionsfrom <i>24 Pieces for Children</i>, Op. 39: Melody, Polka, Rambling, Cradle Song, Playing, Funny Event, Song, A Little Dance, Scherzo &bull; selections from <i>35 Easy Pieces</i>, Op. 89: First Piece, First Etude, Quiet Song, At Recess, First Waltz, Light and Shadow, Little Hedgehog, Playful One, Trumpet and Echo, Evening Song, Skipping Rope, Trumpet and Drum &bull; <b>Shostakovich</b>: selections from &bull; <i>Children’s Notebook for Piano</i>, Op. 69: March, Waltz.<br><br>Schirmer Performance Editions feature composer biographies, historical notes, and practice and performance tips.

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