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Crafter HD-250/N Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar


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Our dreadnaughts remain true to the heritage of what has made this body style so popular over the years. We build this time tested guitar style using a variety of tone woods on the top like cedar and German Engelmann spruce. On the back and sides we use mahogany, maple and rosewood. This gives any flat picker and strummer plenty to choose from.

BODY SHAPE: Dreadnought
TOP: Engelmann Spruce
BACK & SIDES: Mahogany
NECK: Mahogany
SOUNDHOLE INLAY: Wood Soundhole Inlay
TUNERS: Chrome Tuners with Black Buttons
STRINGS: Light (.011 – .052)
COLORS: Natural
SCALE: 647.7 ㎜ / 25.5 inches


Crafter Guitars

Crafter Guitars is a guitar company that specializes in making guitars for people who want to play music. We’ve been crafting guitars since the dawn of time and we know what it takes to make a great instrument. Our team of luthiers are passionate about their work, which means you can trust us with your dream guitar. Crafter Guitars offers an array of different models, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you like playing rock or jazz, we have the perfect guitar waiting for you! And if you don't see anything that fits your style on our website, just contact us and tell us what kind of sound and feel you're looking for – we'll get back to you with some options right away!

Experience your fantasy

On stage, in the studio, or at home with friends, a Crafter guitar will help you turn your music into reality. Our talented Crafter team will inspire your musical ideas and performances. But don’t take our word for it – get to your music store and Play A Crafter Guitar Today. Since the very start in 1972 we have pursued a program of continuous review anddevelopment and we are proud that our innovations, quality and value have resulted in the instrument that you have chosen ahead of so many others. We really hope you choose a Crafter Guitar and we hope that your guitar will give you many years of good service and playing pleasure.

Are Crafter guitars any good?

I've played over 50 crafter guitars, most of them playing fantastic. These guitars are well set up, look magnificent, have excellent build quality etc. They are one of the best budget-mid prices makes out there. Some of the there more costly models are very delicious guitars indeed.

Who makes Crafter guitars?

The preponderance of Crafter guitars is manufactured in South Korea including a smaller amount of budget guitars made in China, particularly the Silver Series. South Korean made guitars are built in Crafter's state of the art manufacturing complex in Yang Ju which was opened in 2009.

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Dimensions 115 × 40 × 18 cm


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