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KNA SG-2 Acoustic Guitar Pickup with Volume Control


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Portable piezo pickup with volume control for steel-string guitar

With onboard volume control, SG-2 is a perfect choice in a piezo pickup for guitar. It’s an acoustic guitar bridge pickup that transfers the natural sound of your instrument without requiring modification. Unlike other guitar pickups, SG-2 installs safely and securely between the bridge saddle and pins, held in place by the tension of tuned strings. This steel-string guitar pickup may remain installed when not in use. Two cables are included – plug in directly with the 9-ft. 1/8″ to 1/4″ cable, or use the 3-ft. 1/8″ to female 1/4″ jumper with safety clip to connect with the instrument cable of your choice.

Weight 5.85g. / 0..21oz
Overall length 100.5mm / 3.96″
Height / jack housing 15.5mm / 0.61″
Active element measurements
Length 73mm / 2.87″
Width 9.6mm / 0.38″
Thickness 2mm ± 0.05mm

0.079″ ± 0.002″

Wood Mahogany
Maximum Impedance 500 Ω
Jumper cable with safety clip 1meter / 3′
Amp cable 3meter / 9′


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