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Mooer ‘Transform Series’ Pro Guitar Effect Pedal Board with Soft Case



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The TF pedalboard series is MOOERs latest instalment to their extensive range of unique pedalboard solutions. Its double platform configuration allows the shape to be easily transformed to accommodate different pedal layouts.

The TF pedalboards are designed with both practicality and beauty in mind so you can create the setup you want, keep everything neat and tidy and have a pedal board which looks as great as it sounds.

The TF-20S comes supplied with a beautifully designed soft case for easy transportation.


  • A unique, sleek design constructed using a special aluminium alloy ensures that the TF-series pedalboards are light weight, beautiful and very strong
  • The two pedal platforms are independently adjustable, allowing the user to transform the shape of their pedalboard to accommodate any pedals or processors they wish to use.
  • There are two power supply brackets on the underside of the TF series which can be quickly adjusted to hold most dedicated pedalboard power supplies without the need for any tools. This is crucial for making the most out of available pedalboard real-estate.
  • The TF-series is available in 3 different packages to provide a solution to all different budgets and requirements. A self-assembly stand-alone unit, an assembled unit with a carry bag and an assembled unit with a flight case.
  • The TF-20S comes supplied with strong self-adhesive Velcro, cable tidies, skid proof rubber feet pads and a rugged soft case.

Please note: This listing is for the Mooer TF-20S Pedal Board and Soft Case ONLY. All pedals pictured are for demonstration purposes only.


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